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Eman khan

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Timeline

Champlain wanted to trade with the Wendat so he agreed to fight with them against their enemy, the Haudenosaunee.
There was an culural exchange between France and the Wendat. A person named Etienne Brule from France went to North America to live with the Wendat and a man named Savignon from the Wendat came to France to live with the french. After a while Brule began to appreciate the Wendat but Savignon did not enjoy his time in France. He described it as a miserable place where children were treated badly on the street.
The Haudenasounee they told Cartier that there were fruit trees, metals and gems on the Northeast side of the village . Here, Cartier forces Donnacona and nine villagers to come with him to France so he can tell the King about the goods.
Cartier Expedition Conclusion
Everything that happened in Canada has shaped our society, our way of life and our government. This presentation will show you all the things that happened that shaped our identity as Canadians.
Cartier returns to North America with Roberval to find a settlement. They named it Charlesbourg-Royal and it became the first French settlement in North America.
Pierre Radission was adopted by the Mohawk as a boy. In the time he lived with the Mohawk. With them he learned how to survive in the woods and speak their language.
For along time many countries in Europe traded with rich countries such as India, China and Japan. For the traders to trade they needed to go from a long dangerous route. Europe was desperate for a new route so Queen Isabella sent Christopher Columbus. Instead of finding a route to India he found North America.
By Eman and Kendra
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) claims a new world for England. This new world was called Newfoundland. The land is filled with fish in the water which was a rich reasorce.
Jacques Cartier was sent by the king to find a passage from North America to Asia. When he got to North America he met the Mik'maq and traded with them. After he met the Haudenasaunee and their leader Donnacona. Cartier took two of Donnacona's sons on board with him to show the king what he found.
Cartier returned to North America with 110 men including Donnacona's sons. They traveled North, to the St. Lawrence River. Cartier decided to stay for the winter. They did not have a enough fruits so many of his crew died of scurvy. The Haudenausaunee had a cure which is a tea made of boiling white cedar. They shared with the French.
Cartier returns to North America
with only one villager because Donacona and the eight villagers had passed away. Cartier had claimed that they had died coming back to North America and that they were treated very well. They first nations did not believe him this maid them feel hostile at France
Although Cartier did not achieve his goal of making a colony in North America he collected a lot of information. This information later helped other explorers.
The need for furs was incresing in Europe. Because of this King Louis XII decided to set up a colony in North America. This gave France an abundunt supply of furs and it also expanded Frances colonial empire. Since it would be so expensive to support colony that was so far away he created a monopoly.
A French noble named Pierre de Monts received a monopoly from King Louis XII. He sailed to North America with map maker named Samuel de Champlain
Peirre de Monts established a colony in North America. The colony was at Port Royal on the Bay of Fundy. The french called it Acadia.
Samuel de Champlain discovered Quebec city. He made this area a permanent french colony.
Henry Hudson was a British sea captain. He was not a good leader. He was looking for a passage through the Artic but he came across a huge body of water which was the Hudson bay. Unfortunately in this expedition, his crew turned against him so they sailed Henry and his loyal crew members adrift in the middle of the bay.
Samuel de champlain discovered the great lakes.
Radission joined Sieur des Groselier on a trading trip. They traveled deep in the in land where other first nations lived. As they went long they strated to name landforms such as lakes, rivers, settlement, etc
In the early days of new France the merchants who ran the colony did not care about it, they only cared for the furs. In return of the fur the colony would get military supplies. Since the merchants didn't care about the colony, it failed to prosper. Later on King Louis XIV took control and set up sovereign council.
Radission traveled to the Hudson bay with Groseilliers because they were told by the first nations that there were fur bearing animals . Later on in the year the Hudson bay company founded.
Samuel de Champlain
Pierre de Monts
France and England signed a treaty called Treaty of Utrecht to create peace in Europe. This treaty gave England Hudson Bay, Newfoundland and Acadia.
After sixty years, the first nation and New France were ready for peace. 1300 representatives from forty different First Nations came to Montreal.

King George III of England signed the royal proclamation which wrote out the government's plan for the colony. They wanted to attract Anglophones to Quebec.
Thank you for watching!!
The canadians identities could not be made british. Only a few 100 british new comers were attracted to Quebec. Since they needed to make colony loyal, they passed the Quebec Act which protected the french people's right. This made Canada
bilingual country.
1. Queen Elizabeth sent Christopher Columbus True or False
2. When Jacques Cartier came back with only 1 villager because Donnacona and the other villagers died True or False
3. King Louis XII created a monoply cause he wanted to True or False
4. Pierre de Monts established a colony called Acadia True or False
5. France and England signed a treaty called Treaty of Unicorns True or False
6. Canada is a billigual country True or False
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