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Early 20th Century America

No description

Katherine Burke

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Early 20th Century America

Florenz Ziegfeld
Ziegfeld Follies
Extravagant revues
Beautiful women
Fancy costumes
Anna Held
Billie Burke First Ziegfeld Follies - 1907 Anna Held Late 19th-Early 20th Centuries Vaudeville Light entertainment
Singing, dancing, animal acts, juggling, acrobats.... anything! Burlesque Like Vaudeville...
with strippers! http://memory.loc.gov/mbrs/varsmp/1903.mpg Gypsy Rose Lee http://memory.loc.gov/mbrs/varsmp/1628.mpg America Wild West Shows Buffalo Bill
Sitting Bull
Annie Oakley Ziegfeld Follies Eugene O'Neill Father: James, melodrama actor
The Count of Monte Cristo Mother: Mary
Heroin addict Writes about his life
Broken family Long Day's Journey Into Night Works Progress Administration Franklin Roosevelt
"New Deal" for America
Puts people to work Federal Theatre Project Arthur Miller House Un-American Activities Committee The Crucible
Death of a Salesman Shuffle Along http://vimeo.com/21251492 Love Will Find a Way 1921
Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake
500+ performances
63rd St. Music Hall Josephie Baker
Adelaide Hall
Paul Robeson Minstrel show-like content A high brown gal
Will make you break out of jail,
A choc'late brown
Will make a tadpole smack a whale,
But a pretty seal-skin brown,
I mean one long and tall,
Would make the silent sphinx
Out in the desert bawl,
If you've never been vamped
By a brown skin,
You've never been vamped at all. Set in "Jimtown" Show Boat Oscar Hammerstein II Florenz Ziegfeld Jerome Kern 1927
572 performances
Edna Ferber novel African-Americans and Euro-Americans on stage together Cast members from Shuffle Along Themes: Racism, abuse, mysogyny 1929 - stock market crash Commercial risk Dec. - Bank of the United States closes, 400,000 families lose life savings. Hallie Flanagan - director of FTP Rodgers & Hammerstein Richard Rodgers
Oscar Hammerstein Oklahoma! Green Grow the Lilacs
Produced by the Theatre Guild, which was bankrupt
Gave R&H creative control
Opening scene Away We Go! 1943 "No gags, no girls, no chance." -Walter Winchell
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