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The Physics of Baseball

No description

gabe rodriguez

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Physics of Baseball

Quick Physic facts in throwing the ball
-Two types of forces that the pitcher applies to a baseball is the

initial spin
initial point

of release

-The body produces velocity not the arm when pitching.
The Fast and the Furious
The Hard
"Knuckle Ball"
- When the ball is held with fingernails and let go of the grip on the ball which causes the seams not to move. Where it doesn't cut the wind but catches the air which then leads to those confusing hard hits.

The Physics of Baseball
"Pitching Physics"

-Rotational velocity is the key to
throwing a powerful baseball.
"Fast Ball"
-One of the basic and cool pitches of major league baseball. An average pitch of this can be thrown around 95mph, where it rotates at about 1300-1600 rpm.
-The ball rolls off the fingers which causes a backspin to go straight where a low and high pressure on the ball whichshows an illusion of it rising.
The Twisting
- A pitcher flicks his wrist and creates a topspin which is where the the ball is affected by a downward force and goes forward causing a rotation. where the ball pushes the surrounding air with its spin which results in the air passing on the other side of ball faster than on the other side.
The Slow-Fast
- This pitch is thrown where the ball doesn't roll off your fingers and has less torque and velocity which means the batter has a greater chance of missing the hit.
Example of Fast Ball
Ex:of a Curveball
(See how the ball pushes through the surrounding air.)
Ex: of Knuckle ball pitch
Ex: Change-up Pitch
Thanks for watching
By: Zach Soto, Sophia Morales, Ethan Pascual, Kathleen Howard, and Gabe Rodriguez.
Special thanks for videos
-Pastime Athleltics- Change-up
-Scott Warner- Curve ball
-GiantJIP - Knuckle Ball
-Hash Hound - Fast ball
- Tiger of echigo- ending credits
This concludes our analysis on baseball and we will switch to our version of the pitching.
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