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WSI Presentation

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Asia Po

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of WSI Presentation

WSI Presentation
Teaching Water Safety
Water safety gives people knowledge and skills they need to enjoy activities in, on, and around the water safely.
Safety Equipment
"Safety First" attitude
Be prepared to respond to aquatic emergency
Teaching Motor Skills
Motor skills are motions carried out when the nervous system and the muscles work together
Predictable Order of change
Increasing Integration of Skill Elements
observable change over time
development of motor skills depends on physical changes that occur as a person matures
Hydrodynamics: Buoyancy
Archimedes principle of bouyancy states that a body in water is bouyed up by a force equal to the weight of the water that the body displaces
Buoyancy depends on a body's specific gravity
Center of mass and Center of buoyancy
Overview of Learn To Swim Program
Teach water safety and swim skills level 1-6
Emphasize water safety topics throughout lessons
Actively use COLA in lesson plans
Use direct and indirect teaching strategies
Swim lesson Achievement booklet
Earning badges
Working with Adults
Variety of reasons to join swim lessons
Developmental considerations
Musculoskeletal changes
Be patient especially those with limitations
individualized approach
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