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little mix

No description

hannah jewell

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of little mix

little mix
the girls
this is perries goat impression
imagine, auditioning to be a solo artist and standing on stage waiting with a group of other people with the same dream as you for your name to be called, and then your would comes crashing down when your not called and then you try and try again thinking im never going to make it. well that's a familiar felling for the girls now known as little mix when they audition for the x factor in 2011

the beginning
Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinock and jade Thriwall, successfully auditioned for the eight series of The X factor in 2011, they all failed to make it past boot camps first challenge, however the judges decided to give them another chance to be part on the groups category and move on.
these are all of the girls in little mix
later the girls had to change the group name to little mix because of a charity had the name Rythmix. now the girls are touring all over the world doing shows and making new music. they have a single called wings and a album called DNA and are currently working on a new album called move.
Jesy nelson
jade T
Leigh-Anne pinock

Perrie Edwards
After the girls went past boot camp they were put into groups.Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson were put into a four piece girl group called Faux pas but the group did not make it. Jade thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinock were put into a group called Orion, but that group did not make it. all of the girls and others were called back to face the judges and be told if they have made it or not, the girls were put into the group and came up with the name Rythmix and with that there first cover song was Big Girls Dont Cry.
Perrie and her goat
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