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What is technology? (ESO1)

No description

Javier Cifuentes

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of What is technology? (ESO1)

What is technology?
Things that are important in technology



Steps of the technological process.
Technology is the
practical application of knowledge
and skills, to solve our problems and to satisfy our needs.
1. Define the problem and its conditions
2. Search for information and choose the best solution
3. Make a plan and a process sheet
5. Evaluation and report
Knowledge is what we know about science, math, etc.
Skills are the things we are able to do with our knowledge.
technology workshop
is the place where we do technology.
It's equipped with
tools and materials.
In the workshop we must follow
safety rules
In the workshop we work in teams and we get organized in order to develop our projects.
Finally, when we work at the technology workshop, or when we are at home, or when we are using technological objects no matter where we are, we have to take care of the environment by:

1. Applying the three R's rule: Reduce, Reuse and recycle.
2. Saving energy at home and when we go to school.
3. Buying responsibly only what we really need.
1. Can you tell the difference between a piece of knowledge and a skill? Show it with an example.

2. Explain how computers can help us in our projects.

3. You've heard in class that the technological process is a cycle. Can you explain why this is so?

4. Comment on this sentence: "In the workshop we work in teams and we get organized".

5. Write down three different ways of saving energy at home.
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