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Bethany Reed

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Innovation

INNOVATION IN THE WORKPLACE How does the size of a company affect the innovation of the organization? What is Innovation? TED Talk "New methods or concepts introduced" Creation and Development Charismatic Leadership Instrumental Leadership "Communicates an innovative vision, energizes others to innovate, and accelerates innovative processes." "Structures and controls the innovation processes." Management Leadership Styles Strategic Leadership Interactive Leadership "Uses hierarchical power to Innovate." "Tries to empower employees to innovate and to become innovation leaders themselves." Leadership Imperative theory: "Small businesses often must rely on their entrepreneurs as the major, if not only source of innovation." Collective Entrepreneurship Theory: "A small business can rely on the collective efforts of its employees and leadership to achieve the purpose of continuing innovation to meet rapidly changing customer demands." Interactions Between Organizational Members can create Innovation Task Conflict Increases tendency to think deeply and deliberately Fosters learning and creative insights Participative Leadership Leader encourages and facilitates participation of subordinates 1. Not creating a culture that supports innovation.

2. Not getting buy-in and ownership from business unit managers.

3. Not having a widely understood, systemwide process.

4. Not allocating resources to the process.

5. Not tying projects to company strategy.

6. Not spending enough time and energy on the fuzzy front end.

7.Not building sufficient diversity into the process.

8. Not developing criteria and metrics in advance.

9. Not training and coaching innovation teams.

10. Not having an idea management System. 10 Innovation Killers 10 Things to Help Innovation 1. Remove Fear

2. Performance Review System

3.Document Progress

4. Build Looseness in System

5. Make sure everyone Understands strategy

6.Teach people to scan environment

7. Teach people importance of diversity

8. Good criteria to focus ideation

9. Training for different teams

10. Idea management system What is Creativity? What Management styles
foster Innovation? What does Innovation look like in
small and big companies? What limits and what encourages Innovation? Large vs. Small Risk Management Definition of
Innovation Rules Resources Product Business Systems Process Large Small Bureaucracy Demands Targets and Goals FRUSTRATING Less Flexibility Less Creativity RESOURCES MOTIVATION Clearly Defined Roles CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION “The biggest difference as I see it is the balance between the defensive and offensive behavior."
Bengt Järrehult “Big companies preoccupy themselves with competitors, the market, and the rules. Small companies are more inclined to make up new rules.” Mark Palmer Spenders vs. Savers Some—perhaps most—large companies view innovation as a “super” product development team [...] In contrast, at a start-up the “innovation” is their whole business, and developed wholly independently of the products and timelines of the large company. Jackie Hutter “You need people who are on the same wavelength and who understand the messages you want to communicate." J.P. Guilford defined creativity as "divergent thinking, ... thinking in various directions in order to arrive at several alternative solutions to a problem." Before seen as "a force of destruction," now seen as "a source of flexibility, innovation and change." Google's
"20% Time" Apple's
"Blue Sky" Creative
? "Originality and individualism in business fit with a model of innovation and new product development."
-Chris Bilton Organizational Environment Safe
Collaborative Culture Leadership
Rewards Connections between seemingly unconnected things "...the solution is to empower people and create a culture of change and innovation." New product development or improvement Improved processing or manufacturing New and improved business and marketing practices "Out of the Box" Bethany Reed Nolan Stephenson Josh Lam Jacy Romero Sarah Parker Innovation
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