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No description

Kimberly Usry

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

Nearly all consumers (97%) use online media when researching services
90% use search engines
Be simple and make sense
Create value
Direct attention
Blank space is okay!
Write effectively
Well edited
Short, concise, informative, objective
Communicate clearly
Make layout easy to read
Recommended to use no more than 3 different fonts and maximum of 3 sizes
Be creative and keep in mind, almost everyone's goal is growth

60% images and 40% text general rule of thumb
Charts, graphs and images should be relevant
Use bullet points to break up long blocks of text
Chek Fur Speling
Make the text big enough and in a font that is easy to read
What is Marketing?
Americans spend at least a quarter of their time on social media sites
Drives traffic to your website
Helps build customer relationship
Allows people to become familiar with services
Can be a "frequently asked questions" page
Add links to articles, other resources, etc
Posting daily/weekly to media sites and blogs gives viewers sense of security and shows you are reliable
Be clear, eye catching, readable, simple
Radio Ads
Focus on main services, use clear understandable vocabulary
Television Commercials
Tell compelling story, demand attention, use music to capture, be respectful towards everyone, appeal to audience
Business Cards
They can be used for any type of business
Over 10 billion cards are printed in the U.S. every year
For every 2,000 business cards a company passes out sales go up 2.5%
The costs can be as low as $10 for 500 cards and some printing business even give free cards if you order in bulk.
It also may be helpful to have a designer to design the cards
This can even be your web designer
The design needs to be eye catching yet not cluttered
Tips for presenting your card
Explain what you have to offer
Include a call of action or "food for thought"
Look professional and up to date
Distribute strategically and considerately
Maximize content and usability
"The best trifolds are visually simple yet highly informative"
Types of Marketing
Internet Marketing
Social Media
Offline Marketing
Outbound Marketing
Cold Calling
Inbound Marketing
Search Engines
Yellow Pages
Referral Marketing
Word of Mouth
Split up into groups of 3 or 4
Come pick out a occupation and a marketing method, without looking at them
In your groups design or come up with an idea that goes along with your marketing Method and your occupation
Finally, present your ideas!
Aaron Gibbons
Kimberly Usry
Kelsey Waldron
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