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Deep Thoughts on Matter

No description

Graeme Adams

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Deep Thoughts on Matter

You can't always see gases in the air, so how do you know they are there?
When billions of grains are put together, they can be poured because they are so small
Each grain of sand has a definite shape and volume
Things feel sticky when it's humid
You can feel humidity in the air
Air is lighter
than liquids or solids
An empty balloon has less mass than an inflated balloon.
Since you can pour sand into a cup, why isn't it a liquid?
Can you feel water in the air?
Does air have mass?
Deep Thoughts

You can feel
the wind blow
You can see flags waving or windmills turning
You can observe temperature and humidity changes in the air
You can smell
some gases
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