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ASL 101 Crash Course

U of A ASL Club

Vanessa Tobar

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of ASL 101 Crash Course

Crash Course American Sign Language 101 Deaf World Survival Signing Space and Your Face!
aka Grammar Time Just for Fun! Deaf Etiquette Deaf Culture
Language and Culture Name Signs interrupting ASL is a universal language ASL: True or False FALSE. American Sign Language is used in the US and Canada, but there are many signed languages around the world (BSL, LSF etc) ASL is a real language. TRUE. ASL has the same linguistic components as any spoken language. ASL is not Signed English (SEE1, SEE2, Pidgin Sign etc.) There is no written form of ASL TRUE . There is no written form of ASL, but Glosses are often used to represent English words and concepts.

I used to be a teacher.
BEFORE MYSELF TEACHER AGAIN SLOW SORRY UNDERSTAND BATHROOM ASL Alphabet Hello, my name is... HELLO, MY NAME... (FS) MY NAME your turn! Counting 1-10!!! Signed languages carry Deaf values, beliefs, norms and traditions
Deaf culture is a linguistic and cultural minority
They are NOT disabled. Don't use the term "Hearing Impaired"
"Deaf" or "Hard of Hearing" Members of the Deaf Community will receive name signs.
Given by a Deaf person in the community
We finger spell (FS) our names. Word Order:

1. Subject-Verb-Object My cat loves purple pants.
PURPLE PANTS, MY CAT LOVE 2. Object-Subject-Verb I like apples
I LIKE APPLES Eyebrows! Yes/No Questions WH-questions When asking questions, you must tilt the head slightly forward and maintain eye contact Time in space Behind you --> Past Directly in front of you --> Present Far in front of you --> Future Character Shift American Sign Language grammar uses space to describe multiple characters or objects. Keep in Touch!! Did you sign up for email updates? ua.aslclub@gmail.com FB Stalk us :) American Sign Language Club (University of Alberta) Bearsden https://alberta.collegiatelink.net/organization/ASLClub Anything Else? Fun Signs? Questions? Discussion? More videos? Ask us anything!
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