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Trickster Presentation

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

Amy Showers

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Trickster Presentation

in "envy" Objective Menippean trends Tricksters Ivan and Kavalerov?
Why Mennipea? "[Mennipean] satire provides the environment for tricksters to hold up a mirror to nature, nature stripped of all its ornaments that is, fully exposed in its absurdity and offered up to
self-ridicule." (Vyleta, 40) Undermine values and beliefs... SACRED + Mundane Blurred
Trickster antics come in handy for the purposes of the 20th century menippean satires, Envy and Master and Margarita. Trickster
Recall definitions from Kerenyi, Hynes & Doty, Makarius, and Doueuhi.
attack is questionable Thesis: The trickster testing of universal questions reveals truth as a paradox and modernity as a crisis in Olesha's Envy. This testing occurs within the genre of menippean satires and is mirrored in Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, written one year after Envy. use of the fantastic (Ophelia)
philosophical invention
universal values undermined
freedom new "Soviet Man"
extraordinary freedom of plot
testing of "ideas and truth"
eccentricity and carnivalistic
never finalized

From Bakhtin... characters Trickster archetype is represented by multiple personas which periodically melt into one single mythological character saturated with elements of sacred and profane Menippean Satires... ...justified by and devoted to a purely
ideational and philosophical end: creation of extraordinary situations ... its bold and unrestrained use of the fantasitic and adventure is internally motivated. for the sake of provoking and testing of a philosophical idea, a discourse, a truth, embodied in the image of the wise man...the seeker of truth. (Bakhtin, 114) Ivan
Ophelia loss of freedom
Expose the dangers of freedom; expose ultimate universal questions with inventions and poetics. Who's Jocasta? Team Opinion Leader Goals Risks strong
never look into the camera Ascend into heaven
or descend into nether world? Maybe even abject paradise? Ivan's tree of life: flowering and fading Woland's ball and the size of the apartment
................Three Realms........................MULTIPLE..............................unusual state of mind............. HEAVEN, Earth, HELL insanity and dreams Present in both Envy and Master and Margarita A closer look at Bulgakov's Master and Margarita through the prism of Olesha's Envy Tricksters in Menippean Satires Structure:
Ivan Babichev creates a dream machine...and Master is near madness. Kavalerov make the world strange trick = poetic vision revolution of imagination turn world upside down drinking = performance "Very characteristic of the menippea are scandal scenes, eccentric behavior, inappropriate speeches and performances, that is, all sorts of violations of the generally accepted norms of behavior and etiquette, including manners of speech. These scandals are sharply distinguished by their artistic structure from epic events and tragic catastrophes." (Bakhtin, 191) Elimination of Society
Changing paradigm... : That's All Folks! Trick = testing of an idea (modernity) and the undermining of rational truth. One more thing... If loss of freedom in "Envy" is linked with the elimination of society.....what does loss of freedom mean in Master and Margarita? Define menippean
satire? Who are the tricksters
and how do they perform
their tricks within the context
of modernity?
"Everything they (tricksters) do and say, cannot
be understood in a direct and umediated way
but must be grasped metaphorically...lastly,
their existence is a reflection of some other's
mode of being--and even then, not a direct
reflection." (Bakhtin Dialogic, 159) CHPT 12 KAVALEROV...then
intrusive narrator Pilate told by devil...dreamed by
Ivan Bezdomny and written by
the Master. Narrators
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