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Guide To Source Selection

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Kaleena Spivey

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Guide To Source Selection

Academic/Professional/Scholarly articles tend to be the most reliable sources available.

This is where things get tricky. Is the internet a reliable source for finding legitimate information?

Why are books an excellent source?
Gives a background to the topic
Provide a foundation or basis on the topic
Can lead to additional sources

A Guide To Source Selection
How to decide if a source is reliable or not
Check the author - Who are they?
Check the date - When was this written?
Check the publisher - Do a search for other books published by them
If it is an article; is it peer reviewed?
Where is the article from?
Journal Articles
The Internet
Magazines and Newspapers
Newspapers/Magazines are generally written as an opinion piece
Good: it helps see other perspectives
Bad: it is less likely based on facts/reliable sources
Check for reputable author, date, format, and the source in which it was published.
Always check the date of the book, if it is too old, the information may be outdated.
Sometimes - it depends where the information comes from
Web pages - check who wrote it, when, and for what purpose
Why is Wikipedia not a completely reliable source?
It is a collaborative website, written by many people.
Because of this, Wikipedia should not be used as a main resource in paper writing.
However, it can be used to gather ideas or brief information about the topic, and to help find other resources.
It is a collaborative website, written by many people.
What are some reliable or "good" sources?
Google Scholar
Academic Search Complete
Academic Journals
Where can you find them?
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