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Amy Swanson

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday

Include the date: 9/17/14
a quote and copy the quote and author name completely and accurately.
Respond thoughtfully and prepare to share.
This week's theme is COURAGE.

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point."
C. S. Lewis
"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
John F. Kennedy

Do Now
The Article of the Week is due Friday. So, today we will work on TWO sections.

Part Two:
-Can you re-write this sentence to be stronger and better?
-Why do outbreaks occur in September? (3)
-What are four things to do to avoid illness? (Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

Part Three:
-Rewrite each of the five headings as a question and then answer it. Number 1 has been done for you.
Article of the Week
Let's practice with our root words for the week.

Turn your paper over to the back side. We will do both practice activities today.
Greek and Latin Roots
FYI: We will have WODs quizzes every TEN WORDS.

Can you remember our first two WODs? "luminous" and "belligerent"? Take this challenge: Who can share a good, original sentence for one of these two words? Try to make sure your sentence shows the meaning of the word through context clues.

And now, for today's WODs:

WODs Wednesday!
Think before you speak!
Listen more than you talk.
Find something to be happy about!
September 17, 2014
WIZARD projects
Move yourself to sit with your partner.
Complete all three activities at a high level and check them over.
Remember, if you chose to do activity #9, you and your partner must both respond to the question about what you would ask the Wizard for.
Turn in the completed project stapled together.
When finished, read your IRB. Enjoy it. Reading is fun.
What can we do for the respect rally?
It's been proposed that we do something at the upcoming respect rally. Some suggestions:
Let's brainstorm...
Check this out as a possibility...
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