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H2 History Paper 2 History of Southeast Asia

No description

Chee Siong Teh

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of H2 History Paper 2 History of Southeast Asia

Paper 2 History of Southeast Asia
c.1900-1997 Course Details How did Colonial Rule come to Southeast Asia? Recap New Imperialism

Spread of Industrialisation

Naval and Military Equipment Key Explanations for New Imperialism Teh Chee Siong

Email: tehcs@hci.edu.sg

PC Office/2nd Floor The Economic Imperative

John Hobson

Imperialism: A Study (1902) These new markets had to lie in hitherto undeveloped countries, chiefly in the tropics, where vast populations lived capable of growing economic needs which our manufacturers and merchants could supply. Territorial Imperative Imperial Rivalry

Race for Colonies Civilising Imperative Bring the benefits of “civilisation” to backward peoples

Rudyard Kipling "The White Man's Burden"
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