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No description

Eilin Alba

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Aborigines

The Aborigines skincolour Who are the Aborigines? They are the first
who came to
Australia. Aborigines arrived
40,000 to 60,000 years ago The ancestors of the
Aborigines probably came from Asia. - 1770 the British people came
- Before they came 300.000- 1,000,000
- died because of fights and illnesses
- 19th century only 60,000 AboriginesAustralia.
- not many rights Until the 1970s Aboriginal children were taken away
''lost generation''
''National Sorry-day'' 4% of the Australians are Aborigines
75% of the Aborigines live in cities
20% of the Aborigines have no jobs
the Aborigines are 20% of the people who are in prison
more problems with health, crime and alcohol
the Aborigines are the poorest people in Australia
shorter life Cathy Freeman Aborigines today History Culture 250 different Aboriginal clans
- own languages
- own territories
The Aborigines didn´t write. They had special symbols. Eating The Aborigines are hunters and gatherers.
birds, insects,
crabs, nuts,
different fruits They live in easy cabins made of leaves, mud and
small peaces of wood. Living Religion The traditional Aborigines belive in the ''dreamtime''. Music Two of the Aboriginal instruments
are the didgeridoo and the rainmaker.
Arts The Aboriginal art is one of the oldest traditional arts.
On the pictures are often Australian animals. sun earth - 50 languages
- most traditional Aborigines live in the Northern Territory. Until 1770 today The British people arrive Books and pages I used to get the informations and pictures:
Margitta Rouse: Englisch: Australien 9./10. Schuljahr
Christine Lindop: Australia and New Zealand
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