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The Yellow Wall-paper & The Story of an Hour

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Janet Posada

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Yellow Wall-paper & The Story of an Hour

The Yellow Wall-paper: The importance of self-expression
Theme in Setting
Theme in Conflict
The Yellow Wallpaper~ Her husband seems to be the main conflict.

John makes every decision regarding her life. For example, he decides who she hangs out with and where she gets to sleep.

Quote~ "got out at last [...] in spite of you and Jane."

John is very rational so it is hard for the narrator to convince him that the bedroom and shapes in the wallpaper make her uncomfortable

Compare and Contrast
Kayla S. Holmes

The Yellow Wall-paper & The Story of an Hour
The Yellow Wall-paper
: to show society that life without self-expression can be damaging.
Story of an hour
: to show that women need personal freedom.
: to entertain

for women who had suffered or even questioned themselves.
The Yellow Wallpaper:
Story of an Hour:
Sentences were very long and filled with punctuation but at the end they become more choppy and rushed.
Story of an Hour: Forbidden joy of independence
Both: sheltered life.
Yellow Wallpaper
: her diction changes from joy and curiosity to disturbing.
Story of an Hour:
crucial to the development of the character because it implies that she doesn't have her own identity. Also, her weak heart symbolizes her lack of inner strength.
: Serious most of the time
The Yellow Wallpaper:

shown by irony and first person.
Story of an Hour:
pathos shown by omniscient third person
: pathos -they are both emotion stories
Rhetorical Analysis
The story of an Hour~ the oppression that Mrs. Mallard experienced throughout her marriage .

The report of her husbands death makes her self-aware of how shes really feels about him and about her life.

"But she saw beyond that bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely."

She looked forward to the freedom and decisions that will be hers to make.
The Yellow Wallpaper~
The room with bars on the windows and horrible wallpaper was the main setting.

It was a place where something or someone was trapped.

"For the windows are barred for little children and there are rings and things in the walls"

The main characters thought it was a child's gymnasium because the things in the room were similar to gym equipment.
Story of an Hour~
The setting was basically stairs, bedroom, and front door.

The small setting was symbolic to the story.

"There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy chair."

she closed the door on her sister to look out of the window.

The window- representing her new life and her sister- representing her old life.

Main Characters
The Yellow Wallpaper: the narrator starts to lose touch with the outside world but as this happens shes comes to understand the reality of her life.

Story of an Hour: Mrs. Mallard was going through many emotions throughout the story

"with paralyzed inability to accept its significance"

In the beginning she feels abandon because she was told that her husband died.
Themes in Symbols
The Yellow Wallpaper:

it represents a pattern in which the narrator finds herself trapped in.

"unclean yellow"

The nightmarish, hideous paper is a symbol of the common lifestyle of women.
Story of an Hour:
The open window

The open window represents the
the opportunities that await her after her husband died.

"she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window."

She also describes everything she experiences through her senses as joy and spring.

Theme in Events
Yellow wallpaper~
writes in her journal

she has to hide when she write because her husband does not like it.

"It is so discouraging not to have any advice and companionship about my work"

Her husband never allowed her to do anything even if it might help her.

Story of an Hour~
Mrs Mallard's husband walks through the door after everyone thought he was dead .
She was overwhelmed

"she had died of heart disease -of the joy that kills"

She won her freedom but when she saw him it was taken away.

Theme in Irony
Yellow wallpaper:
John's treatments backfire and worsen her condition.

the narrator pretends to follow his orders but is still unable to sleep or think about anything other than the wall.

John says you are getting better...she responds with "better in body perhaps"

She lies to John so that she can get away from the room.

Story of an Hour
Mrs Mallard ends up dieing instead of her husband.

Mrs. Mallard died not because of heart disease but because of surprise of her husband's return.

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