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INTO THIN AIR by Jon Krakauer

No description

Travis Case

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of INTO THIN AIR by Jon Krakauer

By: Jon Krakauer Into Thin Air Setting theme Mount Everest
1996 Jon Krakauer is the main character. His motivation to complete the climb is fueled by many other successful climbs. His traits are that he is experienced and eager to reach the summit. Main Characters An example of internal and external conflict is when Ngawang Topche was literally dying on the mountain. It was internal because the other Sherpas were excellent climbers and for Ngawang to have HAPE is extremely rare. Conflict The climax is when the Sherpa died in the hospital. Climax The theme is a mountain that is not just physicality tough, but mentally tough. Historical Background Mount Everest has been climbed for a few years before Jon Krakauer reached the summit. The Nepal side has been restricted due to over population of tourists. Many people died and that still didn't discourage the thousands of climbers. Summary This book is about the different climbs, from the successful, to the 200 meter away turn around fails, and even the deaths. I can't give the ending away so the rest is hush hush. Authors Message The message to me is that when you are faced with fear, you must over come. Evaluation My evaluation is that it was a book that showed the terrors of the mountain. It was interesting Reflection I felt that as the Sherpa was dying that the predicament in which everyone was put is a tough one. Sherpas live in high altitude and are excellent climbers, and for one to be diagnoses with HAPE would discourage even the greatest climber. And for people to over come that and still climb is amazing. Connections: Text to Self "He was worried about 'Having to save another team's ass,'" This reminds me of when I play rugby and I have to protect someone that I strongly dislike on my team. Text to Text "At 20,500 ft. the altitude was deemed to high for safe evacuations by helicopter." This reminds me of a magazine article that talked about a helicopter accident on a mountain.
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