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Compare & Contrst: United States democracy vs. Ancient Greek democracy

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margot chisholm

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Compare & Contrst: United States democracy vs. Ancient Greek democracy

- the Boule and the Ecclesia Executive -enforced the laws Judicial -interpreted the laws Athenian Democracy Comparing And Contrasting: Ancient Athenian Government vs. Our Current System Legislative -both were made up of every day Athenian men -made the laws -made of the Strategoi, a group of 10 who met daily -made up of jurors (anywhere from 101 to 1001) American Gov't Athenian Gov't
-three branches -one person heading Executive Branch women can vote and be a part of Congress electoral college only men can be a part of the Gov't and vote everyday citizens get to have a direct say on the laws congress is elected as well, not drawn at random or composed of everyday people slavery ostracism police system President elected by all no judge in judicial branch democracy
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