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Stop and Frisk in NYC

No description

Jennifer Montero

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Stop and Frisk in NYC

Stop and Frisk in New York City
Facts of the Case
Terry vs. Ohio
Floyd Vs NYC
Adrian SchoolCraft (2008-2009)
Stats on Stop and Frisk
In 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 532,911 times
473,644 were totally innocent (89 percent).
284,229 were black (55 percent).
165,140 were Latino (32 percent).
50,366 were white (10 percent).
Court Ruling
On August 12, 2013, US District Court Judge Shira Schendlin ruled that the stops were unconstitutional and directed the police to adopt a written policy to specify where such steps are authorized.
Mayor Bloomberg/Ray Kelly
Since Mayor Bloomberg has taken His Position there have been Over 5 Million citizens stopped in NYC.
Commissioner Ray Kelly on the issue...
Where it Stands...
Bloomberg Plans to Appeal Ruling
As of Now "Terry Stops" cannot be made unless there is probable cause for the stop.
To Be Continued....
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