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No description

Alondra Vázquez

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Feminism

If feminism was a movement for equality
We would see feminists doing something about the 140k men raped.
You would see them questioning the fact that women get less than half prison's sentence that a men does for the same crime.
do not
have more problems that women, both genders have issues.
Despite everyone's belief, feminism is not a synonym for equality and as the years go by its meaning has lost values.
We're not feminists...
because we think that both genders should be treated equally and both their issues should be adressed. I'm not a feminist because I should prove that I'm worthy a job rather than having it given to me to fill a quota.
Third wave feminism is
a movement for equality.
If feminism is a movement for equality, why do we not see equal representation of both gender issues? Why do we not see feminists complaining about benefits women have over men in certain situations?

About 100 to 140 thousand males are raped annually in U.S. prisons.
Almost half of the domestic abuse victims in the U.S. and Canada are men; yet there are not safe houses for them, nor court advocacy programs, no subsidized counselling/legal care. Despite being half the victims they're basically ignored.
As a women...
You could almost always win custody of children in a divorce case.
You would receive less than half sentence that men does for the same crime.
If you have rape accusations, you would be taken seriously and won't be laughed at for not being "manly" enough.
With one google search you could find a house refugee near your area if you've been on an abusing relationship.
You are more likely to get a government or military job despite qualification, just to fill equality program quota.
Universities tend to accept more women than men.
We're not feminists because they have unintentionally created a world of reversed sexism that we don't want to be a part of.
We will stick to a world of justice and equality rather than a full form of "equality" under the label of feminism.
Lengua Adicional al Español V
Lic. Susana Arias
Juan Daniel Reyna Garza
Jennifer Valdés Guerrero
Alondra Vázquez Negrete
April 13, 2016.
Suicide victims
Workplace deaths
War deaths
Homicide victims
Held to high social standards
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