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Historical Inaccuracies of The Patriot

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Roberto Loya

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Historical Inaccuracies of The Patriot

The Patriot Accuracies
Inaccuracies Presentation created by:
Roberto Loya Historical Critique of Brief Plot Overview Benjamin Martin the father of 7 children declines an offer to fight for the Continental Army. But soon the battle ground of the war reaches his front yard and consequently enough his 15 year old son, Thomas, is killed by Colonel Tavington, the main antagonist. Enraged, Martin takes up arms and creates a militia of rag tag farmers and peasants. Their goal is to keep General Cornwallis in the State of South Carolina by tactically cutting down his men and his supply. Their efforts are successful but later Martin's son, Gabriel also falls victim to the same Colonel. This provokes a final battle duel between Martin and Tavington. Martin kills Tavington and helps propel the Continental Army to victory. Accuracies The writers of the film consulted with the Smithsonian Museum about
the typical dressing of people from the American Revolution. They used that information to create the most accurate costumes for the actors to use. Benjamin Martin is a composite character
made up of Thomas Sumter, Daniel Morgan,
Andrew Pickens, and Francis Marion all
whom are real people. The persecution of Martin by Cornwallis' army was real and based on Francis Marion. Francis Marion was known as the "Swamp Fox"
and helped train soldiers in guerrilla warfare.
Much like Martin did in the movie. The French helped the Continental Army just like in the movie. The guns used in the movie were accurately
chosen for the time period. The battles that were shown in the movie were actual battles of the American Revolution. Examples: The battles of Camden and Cowpens. Inaccuracies Casual Inaccuracies At the scene of the last battle it shows soldiers holding up multiple American flags but in reality the vast majority of the flags used by the Continental Army were flags representing where their militia is from. During the American Revolution,
men saluted by taking off their
hat and lowering to their side,
then putting it on again. In the
movie, Gabriel salutes by placing
his hand on his head. Slavery Inaccuracies In the movie 5 shillings for every month of service and freedom were given to slaves who fought for the Continental Army. This did not happen during the war. When Benjamin is handing a store clerk some money, you can see that he is giving him a $5 bill with Abraham Lincoln on it. This happened more than 80 years before he was president. Other Inaccuracies The French were only shown helping the Continental Army at Yorktown when in reality the French had helped well before that. In the movie all the Continental soldiers have the same outfits but in reality the officers and normal recruits had very different clothing Benjamin Martin a.k.a Francis Marion Inaccuracies Benjamin Martin seems to be a man of many morals and principles in the movie but the character he was portrayed as (Francis Marion) was a fanatic of Indian killing for fun. He also was known for rapping his slaves The Patriot was put in the category of "The Top 10 Historically Misleading Films" by Time Magazine in 2011, In the movie the British are show burning down a church with people inside of it. There has never been a historical recording of any act of this kind during the war Many British reviewers were offended by the way the British were portrayed as ruthless killers. The reviewers say that the British were depicted like Hitler's Nazis What the movie shows (Surface of the Ice burg) What it hides or jumps around (bottom of the iceberg) Works Cited http://www.bookrags.com/essay-2004/10/6/235152/779/
http://entertainment.time.com/2011/01/26/top-10-historically-misleading-films/ I think the dircetor changed this because it would make the protagonist look bad.
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