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Chris Reiman

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of AT381 - FINAL PRESENTATION 3

Chris Reiman
Tracey Renfro April 28, 2010 Introduction to the World Internatioal Aviation Affects Millions of
People Every Day ICAO Regulation Heightened Security
Measure Effectiveness Interesting Area Problem and Objective Lack of ICAO Authority Reactive vs. Proactive
Methods Deficiencies of International
Carriers Effect Global Security Globally Different Security Methods Research Questions 1. Basic ICAO Guidelines 2. Different Methods of Security 3. U.S. Compliance with TSA Findings ICAO
Annex 17 Rely on Honesty -
Voting Priveleges Help Countries with Underdeveloped
Air Transportation Systems Requirement to Fly to Many Nations Lack of Security Audits Lack of Funding Publications Asia Region Developed Nations Rely on
Integrated System Underdeveloped Nations
Screen <25% Cargo BPR/Chameleon Techniques LESS CONTENT SCREENING, MORE PERSON Europe / United States Very Similar Methods Background Checks - "No-Fly" Lists Little Concentration on Behavior - Content, NOT Person Middle East Extensive Background Checks CAPPs - Flagging of Passengers High-Risk Passengers Lack of Expedition BPR Origination Recommendations Combination of Methods -
Both Personal and Content Increased ICAO Funding from UN INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION "No-Fly" Lists Successful Security Methods Conclusion Questions/Comments Have a Nice Day!!
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