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Julia Robinson-Mathematician

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Mona Green

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Julia Robinson-Mathematician

Julia began college majoring in mathematics, in order to receive public school school teaching credentials, but later transferred to the University of California at Berkeley as her interest shifted to research mathematics.she received a BA in 1940 and began her graduate studies.
Julia was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and also to the presidency of the American Mathematical Society, in both cases the first female mathematician to be honored, and was also a recipient of a MacAuthor Fellowship.
Julia's Work
Julia was best known for her work on decision problems and Hilbert's Tenth Problem. Hilbert's Tenth Problem is the tenth problem on the list of Hilbert's problems of 1900. It took many years for the problem to be solved with a negative answer.
Julia Robinson-Mathematician
Julia Hall Robinson was an American mathematician.Julia was born in St.Louis, Missouri, the daughter of Ralph Bowers and Helen Bowman. Her older sister was the mathematicial popularizer and biographer Constance Reid. The family moved to Arizona and then to San Diego when the girls were a few years old. Julia attended San Diego High.
Lived-Dec 08,1919 - Jul 30,1985 (age 65)
Spouse-Rapheal M. Robinson

By: Brook Bynum
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