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ACRL Curriculum Mapping

No description

J Fabbi

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of ACRL Curriculum Mapping

The Envelope
and The Evaluation 1. Identify courses from Worksheet 2 (Current Program) that you want to keep

2. Identify courses from Worksheet 3 (Strategic Courses) to be transferred

3. Transfer courses in order of increasing sophistication to Worksheet 2 (Proposed Program) Worksheet 2:
Proposed Program Worksheet 2:
Proposed Program 1. What courses are prerequisites?

2. What courses do all students in a degree program have to take?

3. What courses would be excluded from mapping (e.g. independent study, etc)?

4. Are there special student characteristics to keep in mind (e.g. large number of transfers, international students, a high need for remediation)? Why This Course? Look for:
Over duplication in working with certain levels of courses while ignoring others
Duplication of some learning outcomes while ignoring others
Lack of increasing sophistication over courses
Quantity of “touches”
Complete lack of strategy Establishing the Gap Worksheet 2:
Current Program Point of Order:

What about the all the stats we collect? Worksheet 1:
Course View (Sample) Worksheet 1:
Course View Beginning / Middle / End
Sophistication of learning outcomes are based on the level of the course
Optimal: the level of the course matches the level of the student
Introduce / Reinforce / Enhance
Refer broadly to a student’s development throughout the curriculum over time
Possible to show progression within one course by introducing, reinforcing, and enhancing a concept throughout the course of a semester B/M/E vs. I/R/E What type of higher education institution do you come from?
What is your role at your library?
Does your institution have a statement of learning outcomes for undergraduates?
Has your library mapped IL learning outcomes to institutional outcomes or initiatives?
Have you ever done curriculum mapping? About You The Gap Curriculum Integration is the stated goal for our library’s instruction program
Input / Output data collected doesn’t communicate library impact
Planning tool for Liaison outreach activities
Knowledge transfer
Library Faculty professional development related to implementation of General Education revision and new institutional learning outcomes Why Curriculum Mapping? 1. Introduction and mini needs assessment
2. Translating campus learning outcomes to IL
learning outcomes
3. Articulating learning outcomes at course level
4. Documenting current program view
5. Establishing the “gap”
6. Thinking about strategic courses
7. Proposing a strategic program view
8. Action plan
9. Conclusion Overview Moser, M., Heisel, A., Jacob, N., and McNeill, K.  2011.  “A More Perfect Union: Campus Collaborations for Curriculum Mapping Information Literacy Outcomes.”  ACRL  Conference: A Declaration of Interdependence, March 30–April 2, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 330-339. http://www.ala.org/acrl/sites/ala.org.acrl/files/content/conferences/confsandpreconfs/national/2011/papers/more_perfect_union.pdf\

Oakleaf, M.  2009.  Writing Information Literacy Assessment Plans : A Guide to Best Practice.  Communications in Information Literacy, 3(2): 80-89.

University of Minnesota.  Academic Programs Information Literacy Environmental Scan Phase II https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/AP/InformationLiteracyEnvironmentalScanPhaseII 

University of Minnesota.  Writing Enriched Curriculum. http://www.wec.umn.edu/  For More Information Worksheet 4:
Action Plan Worksheet 3:
Strategic Courses Worksheet 0:
Outcome Mapping Steven Hoover, Syracuse University Library
Jennifer Fabbi, Anne Zald, Erin Rinto,
University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries
ACRL Conference
April 12, 2013 Meet us on the Corner of
Intentional & Strategic:
Integrating Information Literacy Learning through Curriculum Mapping
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