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Where Do You Stand Game

No description

Christen Philips

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Where Do You Stand Game

New Unit: Human Rights
Game Time!
You're going to get cards with different statements on them. You will need to put each card in one of the boxes:
On a piece of construction paper...
Write a list of all the statements you put in the far left box ("In EVERY case")
For example...
"Giving homework on the weekends is wrong."
Do Now:
Write down what you think "human rights" means.
(3 minutes)

In EVERY case
In MOST cases
In SOME cases
In EVERY case
In MOST cases
In SOME cases
Put your cards face up in the box you think they belong in.
(3 minutes)
Without talking...
Still without talking...
Look at each card on the table.

If you agree with the placement, leave it face up.

If you disagree, flip the card face down.
As a group...
Look at the cards that are face down. Come to an agreement about which box to put them in.
(2 minutes)
(3 minutes)
This is a list of the things your group believes are HUMAN RIGHTS
Tomorrow, we'll figure out what kinds of things other people consider to be human rights.
No homework tonight!
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