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designing the invisible [21st April 2010]

No description

John Vines

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of designing the invisible [21st April 2010]

transtechnology seminar -- 21st april 2010 designing the invisible ted acts in strange ways with technology cognitive psychology of ageing representing the aged human mind around the year 2060

around the age of 75

retired--active--stable "match the tech to ted" ted and tech are opposed "WEAR"ABLE TECHNOLOGIES technologies that both affect and are affected by use, detoriation or gradual change WEAR* * to bring about or cause a specified condition
(in person or thing) by use, detoriation or gradual change TED-TECH ECOLOGY the physical changes of ageing the behaviours of ageing -tech v. 1.0 rethinking his (cognitive) condition beyond isolated thinking a contemporary 2060 -tech v.1.1 an enactive account 2060 version 1.0 2060 version 1.1 reframing TED's condition TED's is radically embodied? Ted is a master of his ecological niche death of the concrete. the affordances of TED to the system change
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