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No description

Ashvini Kumar

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of EIA - KTPP

Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant Environmental Impact Assessment EIA Procedure Overview Situated at Mecheda, 55Km from Kolkata.
Consist 6 Units of 210 MW
Total Capacity is 1260 MW Process Turbine runs: Steam (565C & 247 Kg/cm2)
Fuel: Coal
Spent Steam Condense: Heat Exchanger
Water in Heat Exchanger: Cooling Tower
Exhaust gases: Electrostatic Precipitator (14C & 275 m high Chimney)
Ash: Stored for reuse Land Spread over 900 acre Fuel Requirement 5.64 MT/annum
Water Source: Rup Narayan River
Requirement: 4300 m3/hr Waste Generation water treatment
DM plant
plant waste
coal handling area
ash pond affluent dumped in ash pond Gaseous Waste (SO2 & NO2) Solid Waste ( ash ) dispose through 275m high chimney Cooling Tower(Waste Water) Coal Project Description And Need Identification of Potential Impact Construction will be in acquired land: no loss of land and displacement of people.
Dust suppression method: Water sprinkels
0.2% of river water will be taken Description of Affected Environment Emission of air pollutants: Suspended particles, SO2 & NO2.
No effect on water bodies.
Offer Employment Impact Prediction Fly Ash
Particulate Matter Qualitative description of the anticipated impacts Selection of Proposed action from Alternatives Industry shall
take necessary steps to comply with environmental norms
submit a time bound action plan regarding upgradation of ESPs
Carry out extensive plantation Air Quality SPM: 500 αγ/μ3
SPM(Residential Area): 200 αγ/μ3
RPM ( Residential Area): 100 αγ/μ3 Water Quality Surface water is good for drinking
Ground water has higher fluoride level Socioeconomic Population: 23,707
Male: 51%
Female: 49%
Litracy Rate: 71%
Major Crops: Rice
Locality: Rural Pertinent Institutional Information Impact Assessment Response for declining fertility of land Analysis Report Impact Mitigation Avoiding the impact all together
Minimizing impacts
Rectifying the impact
Compensating for impacts Group Ashvini Kumar 10CE30007
Satyam Kumar 10CE10048
Bipradip Das 10CE3EP12
Parkash Chander 10CE10033
Vikas Soni 10CE10060
Manglam Sarda 10CE30012
Gaurav Gunawat 10CE10019
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