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Prd-9 Evan McKenzie Walicke

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Prd-9 Evan McKenzie Walicke

A Prezi by Evan Walicke Mesopotamia Mesopotamia in what is called the Fertile Crescent.The green area is where the Fertile Crescent was.Look at the map of where Mesopotamia was. As you can see it is a big country or what you would like to call it. Where was Mesopotamia Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk. He was believed to only 1/3 human. The other 2/3 GOD. Yes, the ancient Mesopotamians believed he was a demigod. He went to the ziggurat to pray to the Gods so I'm guessing he wasn't 100% god. A Mesopotamian story says that Gilgamesh was bored and wanted some fun in town so the gods took pity on him and sent Enkidu, a very energetic man to spice things up a bit. Gilgamesh Cuneiform Social Classes Ziggurats The mesopotamians made multiple inventions that if that if they did'nt make we would'nt have what we have today. Inventions Thanks hope you learned a lot! Cuneiform was their form of hand writing.
Without it we wouldn't have handwriting.
Cuneiform as you can see is a series of pictures that represent a thing. Try to draw something! Ziggurats where temples built in the center of any towns. From the top you could see distant cities, farmers, and possibly a river. on the lower levels it was just a normal place to pray. But, the top was for formal religious ceremonies ONLY. Then priests were only allowed otherwise. There were multiple classes that you could be in to be more popular.
Priests: priests shaved their heads and were thought to be "The Time Doctors."
Upper class: They usually wore jewelry men wore skirts and had long beards and pointy mustaches.
Lower class: They were the poor ones. They are as you expect in rags most likely but not slaves.
Slaves: They are self explanatory. They cost more than a cow but less then a donkey.
The only way to move up the scale is to become richer or become a Priest or Priestess. They made the wheel.
They made the earliest form of hand writing.
They made Money.
They started irrigation. (Controlling water.)
They made sail boats.
They also started the cosmedics industry.
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