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Johnny Tremain

No description

Alexandra Matthews

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain
by Esther Forbes

Ch.2-The Pride of Your Power
In this chapter Johnny's punishment for his pride had come. While he was at work on a sugar basin, he slipped on wax and burnt his hand on spilled silver from a cracked crucible. Now he's useless and can't be an apprentice any more!
Ch.3-An Earth of Brass
Now with his crippled hand Johnny is trying to find a new job. The trade masters turn him down because of his bad hand. Johnny felt completely cut off from the world. At one point he gives up and cries at his mother's grave.
Ch.5-The Boston Observer
Since Johnny didn't have any money or food, he decided to sell his cup to Merchant Lyte. It didn't go as well as he planned so he took a job at the Boston Observer, a newspaper shop, and began to be a delivery boy. He learns how to ride a very shy horse named Goblin.
Ch. 1-Up and About
The theme of Johnny's pride is about how he thinks of himself. He thinks he's the best there is when it comes to being an apprentice for a silversmith. He also thinks that the other 2 apprentices are his slaves because he bosses them around all the time. This is soon to change.
Chapter 4-The Rising Eye
After a night of crying, Johnny made up his mind to present is silver cup to Merchant Lyte to show that he's related to him so that he can be part of the Lytes household. Johnny's really happy about this because he's already thinking about what to call Merchant Lyte and riding around in that ruby coach! Then things don't go the way he expected.
Mr Handcock: gives the order of the sugar basin.

Mrs. Lapham: forms a plan that has Johnny finish the sugar basin on the Sabbath Day.

Dove: hands Johnny the cracked crucible.
Dove: hates the way Johnny bosses him around.

Mrs. Lapham: likes Johnny the most.

Mr. Lapham: warns Johnny that God will punish him for his pride.
Rab: gives Johnny hope about finding a new trade.

Mr. Hancock: feels guilty for Johnny and gives him money.

Isannah: broke Johnny with her hurtful words about his hand.
Mr. Lyte: doesn't believe Johnny's story an falsely accuses Johnny of theft; loses the trial.

Rab: finds Cilla and Isannah and uses them as a witnesses

Josiah Quincy: Johnny's lawyer
Rab: teaches Johnny who to ride and some patience.

Mr. Lyte: stole Johnny's cup

Cilla: Johnny promises to meet her by the town pump.
Ch.6-Salt Water Tea
In this chapter, Johnny was using his crippled hand more often because he was preparing to help the Sons of Liberty attack British tea ships. He feels excited about being part of such a dangerous mission. He especially loves summoning the Sons of Liberty in Mr. Lovne's attic using a secret message.
Doctor Warren - gave Johnny a chance to fix his bad hand, but Johnny just refused.

Rab - gathers Johnny and other boys to help with the Tea Party attack; tells Johnny to practice chop wood in their backyard.
Ch.7- The Fiddler's Bill
Johnny is now sixteen which is considered to be a young man. He's starting to get jealous over Cilla and Rab spending time together, and he feels guilty about not meeting Cilla during the week like he promised. He does make it up by seeing Cilla every Thursday when he delivers newspapers to the Lytes house.
Cilla: made Johnny feel confused because she changed so much.

Dove: when he was being bullied Johnny wanted to to come to his rescue

Isannah: Johnny's feelings towards her changed - not for the better

Aunt Bessie: is a Whig in a major Tory household; gives Johnny inside info
Johnny finds proof that he's really related to the Lytes by looking at the genealogy in Merchant Lyte's Bible. He watned nothing of the Lyte's blood so he burns the pages, and sworn to never go back to the Lytes' home.
Rab - frightens Johnny about thinking of British soldiers as targets, and makes him feel jealous over Rab taking Cilla out.
Cilla - gives Johnny an apple; Johnny used it as a symbol of him and Cilla - he regrets it.
Otis - reminds the Observers why they should fight.
Johnny is starting to be kind to Dove just to get British information to tell the Sons of Liberty. He also begins to think carefully and quickly. Johnny begins to question himself that if he is really a coward at Pumkin's shooting.
Dove - Rab and Johnny gets him drunk in order to get British information.
Lydia - gives Johnny Stranger's torn up letters that were suppose to go to Miss Lavinia Lyte.
Pumkin - saves Johnny from thirty lashes; give Johnny his musket for a smock and an old hat with black hair sewn in it.
War is about to begin and Johnny's sad over the fact that Rab was leaving to help in the war. He feels like Rab doesn't even care that he's leaving him. After Rab left, the old church bells began to ring reminding him of peace. A few days later the war had begun. So Johnny was sent delivering messages to people secretly.
Paul Revere - told Johnny to tell Newman to hang up two lanterns in Christ's Church's tower.

Dove - gave Johnny information about the campaign.

Mr. Dawes - was to impersonate as a drunken farmer to get passed the Neck.
Johnny is beginning to feel a subdued excitement about the expedition the night before. He's praying that God would be with them. Johnny's character has changed dramatically. He felt confidence and happiness as he marched down to Beacon Hill.
Doctor Warren - was leaving to help the men at Lexington.

Lavinia - gave Isannah a choice to go to England with her, or stay with Cilla; told Johnny about his mother.

Isannah - chose to go with Lavinia over Cilla.

Aunt Jennifer - hid Uncle Lorne in a feather bed in order to protect him from the British.
Ch.12- A Man Can Stand Up
The war had begun and Johnny saw Rab at his death bed. It stunned Johnny so much that he can't eat or sleep knowing that Rab is going to die. He felt free, light, unreal, and completely alone. Life will be different without Rab. As he watches the Yankee men pass by he remembers Otis wise words "a man can stand up"
Rab: gives Johnny his musket

Doctor Warren: offers to free Johnny's thumb.

Johnny: remembers Otis's wise words
Ch.8- A World to Come
Ch.9- The Scarlet Deluge
Ch.10- "Disperse Ye Rebels!"
Ch.11- Yankee Doodle
The punishment for pride hits where it hurts! God does not take pride likely and Johnny's burned hand can prove it. This teaches us that we are supposed to be humble and listen to what the Lord says. That's why He gave us our parents to guide and discipline us because they lived longer than we did and know what life is like.
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