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Human Rights Violation: ISIS

No description

Austin Williams

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Human Rights Violation: ISIS

or the past couple years the terrorist group ISIS has violated the human right law- You can belong to any religion you wish to follow. ISIS on the other hand believes that people should only follow the religion of Muslim and follow nothing else.
Rights Being Violated
ISIS ( the terrorist group terrorizing Syria and parts of the middle east) has violated the right to belong to any religion. They also violated the slavery law and the right that you could travel wherever you want.

Global Reaction
Since the beginning of ISIS violating rights many countries near have been at war with ISIS
ISIS simply has different beliefs and they do not think people should follow any other religion.
Human Rights Violation: ISIS

Our country has tried numerous accounts
of airstrikes against ISIS, killing there leader

but damaged them only with a minor affect. Overall they did not have a lot of success.
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