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No description

Aurelio Gopher

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Kondiaronk

Kondiaronk Huron Hero and Peacemaker Who was Kondiaronk Iroquois Huron Life Accomplishments Challenge and ,Difficulties Importance to Canadian History Kondiaronk was an 18th century
Huron man.
He was born and raised in the
Huron tribe.
He was born in 1649.
He later became a Huron chief.
He helped make peace between
5 north american nations, the
Huron, Iroquois, Micmac, the
French, and the English. Quote Legacy Kondiaronk was a Huron Chief. That meant he had to take care of the tribe, keep them safe, and try to enact peace.

During the time he was chief, the Huron tribe was in serious danger of European related diseases/

That meant Kondiaronk would have an exceptionally difficult time taking care of his tribe and trying to keep them safe. Kondiaronk was a key factor in the creation of the peace treaty (or wutever it was called) that demanded the unison and cease fire between 5 prominent Aboriginal tribes. That cease fire could have stopped
more wars and deaths. An actor portraying
Kondiaronk Citations HI you didn't see me do this Kondiaronk restored temporary peace between five of Canada's largest and strongest nations. However, Kondiaronk sacrificed his life to do so. He pitched his treaty to the five nations in 1701 and died that night of influenza. He received a grand funeral. Author not available (though it says the name Isabelle, that may not be the author's name), "Kondiaronk", (italics) Kondiaronk (italics), blogspot.ca, accessed April 12 2013, <http://kondiaronk.blogspot.ca/>
Beaulieu Alain, "Kondiaronk" (italics) L'Encyclopédie Canadienne (italics), edition and year unavailable
Huron Chief Kondiaronk of Michilimackinac was the most influencial of France's native allies (As portrayed by Graham Greene in Canada: A People's History), (Date created unknown), http://www.cbc.ca/history/EPCONTENTSE1EP3CH2PA2LE.html "In earnest, my dear brother, I am sorry for you from the bottom of my soul. Take my advice, and turn Huron; for I see plainly a vast difference between your condition and mine. I am master of my own body, I have the absolute disposal of myself, I do what I please."

~ Kondiaronk Say Hello to these Dear okay? They don't like being left out. Isn't this such a great place to put a sentence?
i like putting words in random places. it's fun. I like putting words in random places. It's fun Symbol that is totally kondiaronk.... I love puting text in random places. It' fun I love putting text in random places. It's fun Kondiaronk was on his the brink of death while still
trying to negotiate peace. That peace treaty was partly
due to him, and it's the last thing he left in this world.

So you could say that the treaty he left behind and the
peace was part of his legacy. What he left behind for the next generation of hopefuls. His negotiations were
part of what created a new peace between the first nations, and the European tribes in North America. It was a first, and brought much suffering to a temporary end. I'm surprised we got an actual quote, just saying. This was his advice to a white friend.
It's also the only quote i can find. Alex is bored now.
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