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David thompson

No description

Aidan W

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of David thompson

he began his travels in the western plains
Where did he begin his travels
Where did he explore?
He made extensive journeys through the western plains and later traveled the Columbia river all by canoe.
where did he travel and how did he travel?
He had a wife and 16 children when he was older but his parents died when he was young.
Did he have a family?
He was born at Westminster,England on April 30, 1770.
Where was he born?
David thompson
By Aidan W
He explored the western plains and was the first to explore the Columbia River
Who did he meet ?
He met a partner in the time he worked with the Northwest company.
Why did he explore
because his surveying skills and wilderness experience
What hardships (difficulties) did he encounter?
He encountered rapids,waterfalls,and a couple others including a mountain
How did others treat him?
February 10 1887 in Longueuil
Where and when did he pass away?
Others treated him with respect because of his skills
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