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Kepler Mission

By: Tarek Mohammed, Anna Lee, Hanna Kim, Cade Ivy

Hanna Kim

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Kepler Mission

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Tarek Mohammed, Cade Ivy, Anna Lee, and Hanna Kim Kepler Mission What is the Kepler Mission? The Kepler Mission is a NASA mission to find life in the Milky Way. It tries to find life on earth-size planets within the Habitable Zone. The Habitable Zone is a zone were liquid water exists. and therefore were life could exist. Why is the Kepler Mission currently being funded? The Kepler Mission is being funded because NASA wants to find out more habitable zones throughout the universe. The scientific objective of the Kepler Mission is to explore the structure and diversity of planetary systems. They also needed the technology to accomplish the mission. What type of technology does the Kepler Mission use? To use technology for the Kepler mission, NASA Ames Research center sponsored a workshop for technology. Then, a wide range of subsystems was discussed including very stable band pass filters, 16-bit analog to digital converters, electronic amplifiers, and detectors. Ion beam, bombardment of band pass filters and use of silicon diodes were recommended. How do Scientists Know if They Find
a Habitable Planet? How Many Confirmed Planets
Have They Already Found? 105 confirmed planets How Much Longer Would
The Kepler Mission be Funded? It was originally due to end on November 2012, but they extended it to the year of 2016 What happens once a planet is found? Why is NASA constantly searching for habitable planets? What's so unique about Earth that makes it habitable? You find the planet by a method known as the transmit method of planet finding. When you see a planet pass in front of its parent star, it blocks a small fraction of the light from that star. When this happens, we say that the planet is transiting a star. From the time between transits, we can tell the size of a planet's orbit and estimate the planet's temperature. These qualities help us determine possibilities for life on a planet. What kind of "life" is NASA looking for? Once a planet is found they try to learn more about it like send satellites and try to see what it looks like and find out its orbit and other important aspects about the planet. The reason why NASA is constantly looking for habitable planets is because they want to see if we can live places other than Earth. To make earth habitable, life seems limited temperature range of minus 15C to 115C. In this range liquid water can survive in certain conditions. Water is regularly available. Also, The earth has a perfect sized atmosphere. It keeps the surface warm and protects from radiation. The life NASA is looking for is anything human like. For example, aliens.
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