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Down in Flames

No description

Hale Cross

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Down in Flames

Haley McCrossan
Ashlin Livesey
Our families came from France together, we moved to New York City and started a family business. Many years later my parents passed away and I inherited the business. Diontall was angry, very angry. Ever since I got the buisness he has been trying to take over.
I was done with his complaining and bribes, he was already CEO, what more could I do? As I walked into his office, I listened to him talking on the phone, he was trying to drain the company's bank accounts. I quietly ran to my office to protect what belongs to me. "Je ne crois pas Diontall" I whispered.
Later that night around nine thirty I call Diontall and I tell him I want to sell him the buisness. I could tell this thrills him. I tell him to meet me on the one hundred twenty fourth floor, my office. I run out with my matches and checkbook.
I watch his shadow then I see him strutting towards me. I shake his hand and tell him the buisness was getting too much for me. As we get into the elevator I trip on my computer bag and many things fall out, I pick everything up except for one item. I kick it into the corner.
As we walk into my office he asks, "How much do you want for it?" I laugh, "later, cousin, later" I grab some confirmation papers and he grins.
We shake hands once more and I say "Well I guess the business is yours, go celebrate. I will pack up my stuff. You will have a marvelous sleep tonight Diontall knowing the business is in your hands" I hear him chuckle as he strolls into the elevator, and in fact I chuckle too and as the elevator doors close I see no fear in his eyes even though the bomb in the corner is ticking away.....
My smile gets wider as I shut down the power and the elevator. I hear Diontall calling my name. I start sprinting towards the stairs, I pull open the door and fly down the steps, skipping many at one time. Just one hundred and twenty three flights left.
I finally reach freedom, my breathig is uneven, I feel as though I am having a asthma attack. I get my phone to call someone for help. I can't help the grin spreading on my face as the police say they are coming.
Then I hear it, the scream that makes my body tingle. That scream belonged to my cousin, and it was the thing I heard before the screams and sirens arose. I watch with pleasure as the the building catches on fire and then starts to collapse.

Edgar Allen Poe- The Cask of Amontillado
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