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Playstation 4 Marketing Mix

Marketing project

Ian Neblett

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Playstation 4 Marketing Mix

PlayStation 4
The newest generation of PlayStation consoles-- The PlayStation 4 -- is comprised of a variety of snappy new features.
PlayStation 4 cost 399.99 when it was released and it still cost the same!!
"Gamer Focused, Developer Inspired"
"Personalized, Curated Content"
Play as you Download!
Complete Control
Power to Preform
Remote Play
Marketing Mix:
The Playstation 4 is available both by pre-order and in store.
It is available in many stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. and is also available for online purchase through any number of distributors, and Sony themselves.
What is Marketing? It's the process of creating, promoting, and presenting a product or service to meet the wants and needs of consumers, wherever they are.
how can we make the product so that it's appealing
packaging is important
design, color, size, and the brand name
**Marketers consider 3 things**
How much are customers willing to pay?
Is the price competitive with other products?
Can the company make a profit?
**Marketers must also find the break-even point**
Sales or Revenue=Total Cost
Marketers have to decide how and where customers will buy their goods and services.
Direct distribution vs. Indirect distribution
Involves making customers aware of the product, and persuading them to buy it.
The Marketing Mix:
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
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