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Million Dollar Throw

No description

Charles Ghayur

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Million Dollar Throw

Summary Nate Brodie is a 13 year old boy who loves football. Everyone calls him, "Brady" because Tom Brady is his all time favorite football player. Nate wins a contest and has a chance to throw a football thru a hoop at a New England Patriots football game during half time to win a million dollars. He needs to make the million bucks to help save his family from losing their house. Will he make it??? Find out. Challenges Nate feels responsible for his whole family's financial future and that's a lot of pressure for a kid. On top of that, Nate's best friend named Abby, has a terrible disease called Leber's. Abby is slowly going blind and if she doesn't find a cure fast enough, she will be blind forever. She went to a boarding school for the blind for a semester. Nate is really missing and worried about her. Million Dollar Throw By Mike Lupica Characters Nate Brodie: Main character
Mr. Brodie: Nate's dad
Mrs. Brodie: Nate's mom
Abby McCall: Nate's best friend
Mr. McCall: Abby's dad
Mrs. McCall: Abby's mom
Pete: Nate's Teammate
Eric: Nate's Teammate
LaDell: Nate's Teammate
Malcolm: Nate's Teammate
Coach Hanratty: Nate's coach Setting

Theme Don't worry about future events. Concentrate on what you are doing now. Don't over think something you can already do. Example [from book] Nate was thinking too much about the million dollar throw while he was passing the football to his receivers. Also, when he was thinking about making a good pass, he would try too hard mentally and would throw a bad pass.

So it also turns out that Nate didn't need the money to save his house and he spent it on Abby's surgery, something unexpected. It was the right decision. Ending Right before Nate makes the million dollar throw, Tom Brady comes out of the looker rooms during half time and passes the ball around with Nate to warm up. Nate is really feeling ready for this physically but not emotionally. Finally, the time is up. Nate plants his foot and lets the ball rip. It flies through the target perfectly. $1,000,000 is his!!!

A week later, Mr. Brodie 's luck changes. He lands a new job, starts selling tons of houses and makes a lot of money. So the Brodie family does not have to worry about losing their house anymore.

On the internet, Nate found a cure for Abby's eye sight-- but it was very expensive and they couldn't afford it. Since Nate is a very generous boy, he decided to put most of the money he won into Abby' eye surgery so she can see very well and for ever. Plot The first problem that Nate and his family have is the fact that the Brodie might lose their house. Mr. Brodie got downsized from work and Mrs. Brodie is managing two jobs full time. That is why Mr. and Mrs. Brodie really want Nate to win the million dollar throw but don't want to put pressure on him. The second problem they have is that Nate's passing skills have suddenly disappeared the week before the big throw. He is having trouble throwing a pass and on top of that his backup quarterback is taking his place. So far things have not been going so well for Nate in the past couple of weeks.
He is feeling left out and depressed. The Million Dollar Throw takes place during present day in the fall-- football season-- in a medium sized town in Massachusetts called Valley. Charles Ghayur Period 4
10/ 3 / 2012
Language Arts
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