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The Blueprint to Better Healthcare

Brock Rops

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of HOSA

Want to take your
in a
health care career
to the
next level
Bring a friend and become part of something
than yourself by joining over 280 other South Dakota students!!
HOSA provides students with opportunities
to get
gain confidence
performing healthcare procedures...
What is HOSA?
the delivery of compassionate,

by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all students interested in healthcare; therefore helping students meet the
of the
healthcare community.
HOSA'S Mission...
HOSA builds skills that prepare you for medical school, nursing school, PT school, etc.
HOSA allows students to get a better understanding of
careers in healthcare
before entering college...
...an EMT...
...a medical doctor...
...a peds nurse...
...a pulmonary nurse...
...or a physical therapist...
...a dentist...
HOSA is a student organization aimed at adding
to students' educational experience...
Levels of HOSA...
The LOCAL level:
The STATE level:
The NATIONAL level:
4 days spent in either Orlando, Nashville, or Anaheim.
South Dakota sent 24 students to Nashville in June.
Scholarships and internships available!
Schools organize local chapters for interested students..
HOSA curriculum is added to health science/life science courses.
Students projects, procedures, and skills are assessed.
Local chapter activities involve competitions between chapter members.
Officers are elected and a Program of Work is developed.
The Competitive Events Program...
HOSA offers 6 categories of competitive events...
teamwork events
health science events
health professions events
emergency preparedness events
leadership events
recognition events
1.Biomedical Debate
2.Career Health Display
3.Community Awareness
4.Creative Problem Solving
5.Forensic Medicine
6.Health Education
7.HOSA Bowl
8.Parliamentary Procedure
9.Public Service Announcement
1. Dental Terminology
2. Medical Reading
3. Medical Spelling
4. Medical Terminology
5. Medical Math
6. Knowledge Tests
a.Human Growth and Development
c.Medical Law/Ethics
f. Transcultural Health Care
1. Biotechnology
2. Clinical Nursing
3. Clinical Specialty
4. Dental Science
5. Home Health Aide
6. Medical Assisting
7. Nursing Assisting
8. *Personal Care (IEP Students only)
9. Physical Therapy
10. Sports Medicine
11. Veterinary Science
1. CPR/First Aid
2. Emergency Medical Technician
3. *First Aid/Rescue Breathing (IEP)
4. CERT Skills
5. Public Health
6. Epidemiology
7. MRC Partnership
1. Extemporaneous Health Poster
2. Extemporaneous Speaking
3. Extemporaneous Writing
4. Medical Photography
5. Healthy Lifestyle
6. Job Seeking Skills
7. Prepared Speaking
8. Researched Persuasive Speaking
9. *Interviewing Skills (IEP)
1. Outstanding HOSA Chapter
2. National Health Care Issues Exam
3. National Service Project
4. Barbara James Service Award
5. Outstanding State Leader
6. Chapter Newsletter
7. HOSA Week
a. HOSA Week Proclamation
Get ready to...
yourself... and
yourself as a

Contact your State Advisor...Brock Rops
Talk to your administration about starting a chapter.
How do I join?
Use the administration to find an advisor.
Recruit other students to get involved!
How many of you...
are interested in a
health care
have had opporuntities to see a career
believe high school courses have aligned you on a
health care
career path?
SD HOSA Fall Leadership Academy
Crazy Horse Memorial
October 6-7, 2013:
Video on the History of the Crazy Horse Memorial

Team building treasure hunt
Can you see yourself here!!?? We will put you on the mountain!
Taco bar banquet
Crazy Horse Light Show
medical student demonstration
leadership development
elevator speeches
program of work development
meet members from around the state
SD HOSA State Leadership Conference
April 10-11, 2013
Sioux Falls
Over 30 events to compete in!
Multiple tours and academic sessions
College exhibit fair
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