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Making Sense of Web Analytics

Your website & advertising are only truly effective if you can track them. Learn high-level & detailed tracking methods.

Indiana Tourism

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Making Sense of Web Analytics

Making Sense
Web Analytics Why are web
analytics important? Goals Advanced Segments Real Time Intelligence
Events Custom
Dashboards Why Google Analytics? Audience Traffic
Sources Content Conversions Jeremy A. Williams Email: JeWilliams@VisitIndiana.com
Phone: 317.232.8897
Twitter: @VisitIndiana
Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams
Blog: VisitIndiana.com/TechCorner Web Analytics 101 Google Analytics is free Google Analytics is flexible Google Analytics is powerful Google Analytics is widely used Find out: How people are getting to your site What they're doing at your site How effective your campaigns are What search terms users enter to find your website Analyze data to make your website perform better Audience Overview Audience - Location Audience - Frequency & Recency Audience - Engagement Audience - Mobile Devices Audience - Custom Variables Audience - Visitors Flow Who is visiting? How are they accessing your site? Other basic visitor stats Traffic - Overview Traffic - Referrals Content - Overview Dig Deeper Track ALL your links Secondary Dimensions
Advanced Search
Outbound Clicks from Specific Pages Traffic - Organic Search Traffic - Campaigns Traffic - Social Sources How did your visitors come to your site? VERY important section What pages are your visitors going to? Search terms users enter to find your site Event tracking - Outbound links, downloads, media views, etc. Referral traffic from other websites Social traffic overview Campaign tracking! Content - Drilldown Content - Event Tracking Overview Content - Event Tracking Outbound Links Ecommerce Stats View Goal Conversions Ecommerce stats* Multi-Channel Funnels Conversion - Goals Overview Conversion - Goal Funnel if set up Content - Multi-Channel Funnels Overview Content - Top Conversion Paths * * At least all the links YOU share Google URL Builder URL Shortener bit.ly/g-url Top Secret URL Shortener Tip Add + to any short URL for stats Ex. bit.ly/VTjp3G+ Secondary Dimensions Advanced Search Outbound Clicks
from Specific Pages Content Events Pages Set up a predefined, detailed goal you want to regularly track ex. Brochure orders from specific link Create goals within account profile View goal results in Conversions section Create a Goal Track your Goals Create custom segments you frequently view Easily track mobile/tablet traffic, social traffic,
new and return visitors, search and much more How many people are on your site RIGHT NOW? Where in the world are your current visitors from? What content are your visitors looking at RIGHT NOW? How did they get to your site?
(Search, Social, Referral) Home Real Time Home Intelligence Events Take a quick glance at big trends Ex: increased traffic because of email send... ...or, a spike in the time on site for visitors from Illinois ...or a dramatic drop in visitors from a specific search term Custom Alerts Manage Custom Alerts Custom Alerts don't work retro-actively They start tracking when you create the alert Create custom dashboards for a quick glance at important data. Create multiple dashboards with frequently accessed stats Create, customize and share dashboards Home Dashboards Share your dashboards Special thanks to: Traffic - Social Visitors Flow bit.ly/iotd-candidio Admin Profile Name Goals Jeremy A. Williams Email: JeWilliams@VisitIndiana.com
Phone: 317.232.8897
Twitter: @VisitIndiana
Twitter: @JeremyAWilliams
Blog: VisitIndiana.com/TechCorner Questions? Tracking by Campaign
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