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Radiant Floors


Samantha Puent

on 3 May 2009

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Transcript of Radiant Floors

Radiant Heating By Sam Puent Where We Are Going Why I am talking to you Where We Stand What is Radiant Heat How It Works What I Suggest How It Can Benefit You What I Said CMP Construction LEED Certified Employee 25 Years and Counting Customer Comes First Commercial Buildings Contribute to 18% of our total Energy Consumption 30% of a commerical buildings cost is energy useage AND 3 Types of Radiant Heating process 1. Forced Air Which uses a furnace to push the air through the piping to heat your home. 2. Electirc Uses electric coils to heat the flooring 3. Hydronic which uses many types of heating elements to heat the water that is pumped through the flooring Definition of Radiant Heating heating that is transfered from on body to another without contact 2 basic ways of installation Dry system which is sandwich between flooring Wet installation which has the piping layed out and then concrete is poured over the piping A heat source heats the water and pumps it throughout the piping.
Your subflooring will have thermal mass.
That means that the heat will radiate through your flooring and heat your home from the bottom up.
This works because heat will rise. This is why the current furance system doesen't work The heat loss is through your HVAC system, your roof and openings This makes the furnace system inefficent Which makes radiant heating one of the best options This is a thermal imaging picture that shows the radiant heating system under concrete. This is a thermal image of your furnace air leaking out through openings in your home This is what I suggest for Green Prairie 1. use the Hydronic System, which uses water 2. use a new product that is made out of recyled material for a dry installation Made in New York cost $6 a Sq. Ft Made of recycled glass Has a guide for the PEX Piping which is used for the Hydronic system Easy installation Just as strong as a concrete slab Can put any flooring surface on top Cost effective Stays with the environmentally friendly image energy efficent will reduce your energy usage cost by 30% Can be used with many types of heating elements Boilers Geothermal energy Solar power oil burner wood furnace 3 types of radiant heat 2 ways to install how it works what I suggest 1. forced air 2. electric 3. hydronic 1. Dry 2. Wet tubes place under your flooring will heat your home from the bottom up Hypoallergenic Quite GCS Panel Environmentall friendly by using recycled materials Easy to intall Economical Questions? sadkfj;lkdj
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