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I Drive

No description

ali white

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of I Drive

Eighty-Nine Cents in the ash tray
Half empty bottle of Gatorade rolling in the floorboard
That dirty Braves cap on the dash
Dog tags hangin’ from the rear view
Old Skoal can, and cowboy boots and a Go Army Shirt folded in the back
This thing burns gas like crazy, but that’s alright
People got their ways of coping
oh and i'v got mine
I drive your truck
I roll every window down
And I burn up
Every back road in this town
I find a field, I tear it up
Til all the pain’s a cloud of dust
Yeah, sometimes I drive your truck

I leave that radio playing
That same ole country station where ya left it
Yeah, man I crank it up
And you’d probably punch my arm right now
If you saw this tear rollin’ down on my face

Hey, man I’m tryin’ to be tough
And momma asked me this morning
If I’d been by your grave
But that flag and stone ain’t where I feel you anyway
I’ve cussed, I’ve prayed, I’ve said goodbye
Shook my fist and asked God why
These days when I’m missing you this much
I drive your truck
I drive your truck
I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind
I drive your truck
I Drive Your Truck
Lee Brice

He is singing about what he is seeing in someones truck.
Talks about how he's driving
and where he drives, and
how he drives.
He's missing someone
and leaves everything the
way it was left, to feel
You find out hes been
singing about his brother.
How driving his brothers
truck is where he feels
he can still ' connect '
with his brother even
after he's gone.
Starts to question why his
brother died. Has a hard time
dealing with his pain, he's fine
until he drives his brothers truck
Talks as if his brother is still around
by saying ' hope you don't mind '. and he continues to drive his
brothers truck.
Ali White
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