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Customer Service

Customer Service Presentation

Dan Trout

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Customer Service

By Dan Trout MLS
Nursing Librarian
Miner Library

The Path to Excellent Customer Service
Ice Breaker
The End
Help me get to know you.
1. What is your name?
2. What is your position in the library?
3. What is your favorite book and why?
Good Customer Service Stories
Share stories of Customer Service
Maps of the library
Tools you can use
1. The opening
Sandwich of Customer Service
Bad Customer Service Stories
1. Bathroom
2. Food
3. Exits
4. Questions?
Verbal or visual directions
Other staff members
Other tools that you use in your library?
2. The Meat of the sandwich
3. The closing
The top piece of the roll
The main part of the meat of the sandwich
-There can also be other toppings, vegetables etc.
The bottom of the roll
1. Greet the customer
2. Ask the customer how you can meet their needs
3. Listen to the customer
4. Let the customer dictate the direction of the conversation
The meat of the sandwich
1. This is where you provide the actual service for the customer
2. Meet and exceed the customers expectations
3. "Act as if. ..."
The Closing
1. Thank the customer
2. Ask if there is anything else you can do for the customer
How can I easily provide great customer service?
What happens if I get angry customer?
A few helpful guidelines for successfully navigating an angry customer interaction
Remain calm. Do not escalate the situation by raising your voice
Repeat conversation points to convey understanding of the situation to the customer
Identify what problems you can fix
Explain what steps you will take to resolve the situation
Kill them with kindness
Don't be afraid to get a supervisor to help you
The basics of Customer Service
1. Listen
2. Be Friendly
3. Solve a problem
4. Say thank you
Thank You for listening
Arrive at work on time and ready to start
Dress Appropriately
Communicate with your coworkers
Communicate with your supervisor
2 types of customer service
One or more people
Conversation or services you provide on demand
Social Media
Web pages
Social Media
Barriers to customer service
Outdated or unneeded forms
Policies to prevent that one thing
Lack of cultural flexibility
Institutional policies
Encouraging customers
Key Ring library cards
Flexible policies
Welcoming signage
Happy employees
One act of customer service you are proud of in your library
One thing you would like to change to improve customer service in your library
Explain how you would change it and why it is important to the library
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