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anna Parker

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Assessment The Beginning Chapter 9- Summary Crimson- any of several deep purplish reds
Phosphorescence- luminescence that is caused by the absorption
Corpulent- having a large bulky body
Clamorously- marked by confused din or outcry
Sulphurous- pertaining to the fires of hell; fiery or heated The Vocab Questions Do you think the boys knew the beast that came at them was Simon?
Does changing the scene's background give hints of what is to happen? How?
Why do you think Jack has them do the dance when the sky starts to darken?
Why does no one believe Simon when he yells out about the beast?
In the direction things are going, do you think the boys will survive to be rescued? Why? Theme Good vs. Evil Lord of the Flies The Middle The End By; William Golding The chapter opens with Simon laying passed out in his clearing near the Lord of the Flies (the pig's head). As he crawled out from the past heaven he sees part of the parachute and finds the dead man. He realizes that this is what the boys thought was a monster and goes to tell the rest. Simon looks down and sees the two fires. He suspects that they had moved their camp to a different location when he sees most of the boys at Jack's camp. All of the boys, except Piggy, Simon, and Ralph, went to the feast at Jack's camp. Piggy and Ralph then go to eat the meat. At the camp the boys are gathered and treating Jack as if he is a God. Jack is sitting on a tall log with all of the food at his feet. The boys act as his servants. Piggy and Ralph take the meat and sit down. A discussion between Ralph and Jack begins. Jack then runs of to the side and begins acting like he is hunting. The group of boys then start to gather in a circle and act as if they are killing a pig. The littluns then join in at the edges of the circle. Simon who is covered in blood from the pig and mud from the journey trips down into the camp and falls into the center of the circle. The boys continue to chant their hunting song as they start hitting Simon. Simon cries out about the monster but no one will listen. Someone grabs his spear and stabs at him. The mob then leaves when lightning cracks. Simon's dead body lays on the rocks until the rising tide takes it into the ocean. Thank you for watching :) Civilization vs. Savagery Symbolism Psychology Good is shown in the form of Simon and Ralph's camp. Evil is in the form of Jack. When the boys fall to temptation and go to Jack's camp evil gains more power. If Ralph will so easily give in to Jack and peer pressure then evil holds all leadership. Then when Simon is brutally murdered the main figure of good is killed. This seems like a foreshadow to what will happen to the rest of the island and boys. In the beginning of the chapter Simon is in his secrete hide away. This clearing represents innocents just like Simon himself. When the rotting evil of the bloody pigs head is brought to the clearing the author foreshadows the death of the innocents on the island with the death of Simon. The conch, which represents order and civilization, is thrown to the ground a broken into pieces. This means that order is lost to chaos. Just like the shell will never be repaired the order appears as if it will never return. In the past few chapters the weather has been mild, but in this chapter large clouds begin to form and grow threw out the day. The up coming storm lays down an unsettling atmosphere and mood for the devastating events. The growing storm represents the growing evil that is present in the end of this chapter. At the climax of the storm there is a climax of violence when the boys are beating Simon. Weather Loss of Innocence The Pig's Head The flies on the pig's head represent the boys who moved to Jack's camp. They have left Ralph's side which represents organized society and a balance between the impulse of the ID and the ideals of the ego to Jack's camp which is purely primal and immoral. The author describes these flies as being the only thing prospering. Just like the boys they now are able to have food but they live in a world of chaos and disorder swarming around the rotting head. Group Mentality Iceberg The ID camp, Jack's, is a perfect representation of the amoral and impulse nature that goes along with this side of the human mind. The children are wild with no form of government. When the boy's begin to play as if they are hunting a pig they become impulsive and unaware of the consequences of their actions. They see Simon and instead of realizing that it is him they rush to continue their evil game. They are seeking the pleasure of acting out the kill without thought for anyone but themselves. The Bystander effect comes into play with both Ralph and Piggy. They saw how out of hand the boys had became but chose to avoid conflict and simply stand back and watch. A sense of emotional excitement is brought to play when the boys act out a scene of high primal aggression. The behavior of killing someone would normally have been way out of line, but the mentality of the group makes behaviors more acceptable. Excitement Bystander Thought In group think all independent thought is lost and poor and hasty decisions are made. This what happened when Simon was killed. No one stopped to think of who they where hurting or why they were doing it. Right when they saw Simon they just started beating him.
If one of the boys had realized that what they were doing was wrong he did nothing to stop it. This is because often in group think the members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus with out spending time analyzing the situation.
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