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American Subcultures: Survivalists, Chicanos, Creoles

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Jonathan Ault

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of American Subcultures: Survivalists, Chicanos, Creoles

American Subcultures, Part II
Survivalists (all over, but mainly Idaho, Michigan, the Southwest, and the West)
Chicanos (Southwest and Southern California)
Creoles (Louisiana around New Orleans)

- People who believe that modern civilization is corrupt and doomed
- Focused on preparing for some kind of Armageddon
- They are focused on self-sufficiency in all things- growing their own food, learning to live without electricity, and removing themselves from the wider culture
Doomsday Believers
Survivalists think civilization will come to an end sometime in the near future
Gun Nuts
Most survivalists have a large collection of guns that they plan to use to defend themselves if necessary
Survivalists tend to avoid any government organization, including schools for their children. They also teach their children to use guns.
A True Subculture
Survivalists have their own guarded walled compounds, communities, literature, and even magazines
- People of Mexican descent who grew up in the USA
- Also known as Hispanics
- Share a language, religion, and many cultural aspects with Mexicans
A Long History
Many Chicanos never immigrated from Mexico--rather, the area where they live used to be a part of Mexico, until it was taken by the USA. Thus, they have lived there longer than European-Americans.
A Political Movement
Chicanos faced--and continued to face--great discrimination from employers, law enforcement, etc. In the 1970s they began to fight back.
Pride and Heritage
Chicanos take great pride in their history and their culture. They call themselves "La Raza," which means "The Race"
People with Two Countries
Chicano culture is a mix of Mexico and the USA. All Chicanos speak both English and Spanish fluently.
Creoles are a mixed-race people, descended from the original Spanish and French settlers in Louisiana, as well as Africans and Native Americans
The Creoles of New Orleans love parades and parties (with Mardi Gras being the most famous). They are also famous for their music, which uses a lot of drums and horns.
A Colorful People
Creoles like to put on displays and parties that use a lot of bright colors.
A Separate People
Creoles are French-speaking Catholics, which set them apart from the English-speaking Protestants around them. Historically they have been much more racially accepting than most Americans.
Special Cuisine
Creoles have their own food, which is quite spicy. It is a mix of many different cooking styles, and uses a lot of peppers, rice, and meat.
Parties and Music
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