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Sara Garland

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of Zinc

Zinc Element Symbol - Zn
Atomic Number - 30
Atomic Mass - 65.39
Boiling Point - 1665°F
Melting Point - 787.15°F
Physical State - solid
Density (@ 293K) - 7.133
Energy Level - 2; 18;18; 2 - 4 levels
Valence Electrons - +2

It was discovered in 1746, in Germany, by Andreas Marggraf.
He heated calamine and carbon, trying to isolate Zinc.
It occurs in calamine.
The color is gray-bluish.
There's no information on the smell; maybe it's just metallic-y?
The toxicity: under 40 mg/day is non-toxic.
Metal coating, rust protection, brass, are some of the uses of Zinc.
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