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Defense Presentation - Monika

For Winda Monika Nabillya

Rifan Rahmadi

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Defense Presentation - Monika

PT PERKEBUNAN NUSANTARA VI (PERSERO)) Corporate scandals involving major companies have made the International World increasingly devoting attention to Corporate Governanace. Corporate scandals suggests that the Company’s organs have not been able to carry out the company's functions, duties, and responsibilities INTRODUCTION LITERATURE REVIEW METHODOLOGY ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION CONCLUSION Defense Presentation - March 13, 2013 THANK YOU SKRIPSI All of the company organ are the important players in the implementation of GCG in a company. Especially Audit Committe, which the main dutty is to assist the Board of Commisssioners to assure if GCG has been well implemented in a company. Background Background How effective the role of audit committee in the implementation of Good Corporate Governance to enhance the value of the Company?
Is the Good Corporate Governance one of the tools to protect the asset of the Company?
Is the Good Corporate Governance a need for the Company to run their business activities? Problems Statement To analyze the effectiveness of audit committee in the implementation of GCG.
To analyze the implementation of GCG as the asset protector.
To analyze the implementation of GCG as the needs of the Company to run their business activities. Objectives The activity of Audit Committe during 2 years period, 2010 and 2011
Assuming that every informations stated in Annual Report as a measurement of the effectiveness of the audit committee role in implementing their obligation Scope and Limitation Research Developing Step PT Perkebunan Nusantara VI (Persero), PTPN VI is State Owned Enterprises in palm oil and tea plantation. With total asset around Rp.1,7 billion in 2011. Company Profile Based on five principles of GCG, Audit Committe has perfom its role in the implementation of GCG inside the Company, PTPN VI. POSITIVE FINDING Transparancy Accountability Responsibility Independency Fairness NEGATIVE FINDING The Audit Committe has effectivelly perform its role in the implementation of GCG in PTPN VI.
GCG is an effective tools to protect the company asset.
In PTPN VI, the implementation of GCG is not just an obidience to the Law and Provision but GCG has been considered as the need of the Company. Conclusion PTPN VI needs to assure the continuity of GCG principles implementation. Especially put its concern on the responsibility principle
In order to increase the GCG implementation,
PTPN VI needs to encourage all of its the employees to join the practice of GCG on their activity.
Recomendation RECOMMENDATION &
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