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A Game of Infinite Possibilities

No description

Kenneth Schlatter

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of A Game of Infinite Possibilities

Quit several "dream jobs" for Minecraft
"In fact, when we ask his old bosses, they admit without hesitation that Minecraft would never have become a reality inside the walls of their companies. The idea was too strange, too difficult to fit into their existing product catalog. Most of all, it was untried. They would never have dared."
"They just don't get it"
Family separated at young age
Brought family together
Fun for first time in forever
Father suicide shortly after
Able to move on
"Markus lay exhausted in bed, but Anna, Ritva, and Birger went down to the hotel lobby and into a waiting car. Still tired from yesterday's festivities, they boarded the helicopter and flew out over the Grand Canyon."
"Yes, this is fun,"
Dashingly Hansom Authors
"Jens Bergesten--the programmer, tall, lanky, his red ponytail hanging sown his back."
"The graphics guy, Junkboy--no, his real name is never given in public--who leaps on stage wearing a cardboard box on his head and making victory signs for the audience."
Page 10
Notch Currently
Married to Elin Zetterstrand
Sister off Drugs
Earned $70+ Million from Minecraft
NOT CEO of Mojang
Mojang is Swedish for "Thingamabob" or "Watchamacallit"
Always wheres a black Fedora
Daniel Goldberg & Linus Larsson
Seven Stories Press
2011 in Swedish & 2013 in English
A Game of Infinite Possibilities
History of Notch
Commodore 128
Learned Programming @ 7
Sister & Father Addicted
Parents Divorced
Quit Most Jobs
Never wears nice, flashy clothes
"Markus is very much aware that whether he gets out of bed or not, one day of Minecraft's revenue is equal to what a nurse--like his mother-- earns in four years. And yes, it bothers him."
"I'm not complaining. It just feels a little backwards..." -Notch
"Markus Persson, dressed in jeans, well-worn sneakers, and a black polo that's a bit tight around the middle."
"He didn't seem to have any idea what to do with his millions."
2.1 M Twitter followers
"A single link from his Twitter account puts a spotlight on whoever has his attention..."
"His breakthrough came when Markus began taking notice of his creations, thanks to a video that was popular on the discussion forum Reddit. In it, the video maker recreated the classic Nintendo game
Duck Hunt
in Minecraft. Markus found the link, had a good laugh at the clip, and tweeted it to his followers on Twitter... In a flash, SethBling had 4,500 new subscribers to his YouTube channel.
Kenneth Schlatter
4, Red
English 8
30 March 2015

The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game That Changed Everything
In Conclusion...
Grew up in poor, broken family, became rich, mended bonds.
Took risks, quit job to make game
Modest, doesn't show off
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