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Lindsay Zygmunt

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Jamestown

The First English Colony
(1606) English rulers decide not to fund the risky venture of colonization
Instead, businessmen got a
, or certificate of permission, from the king
Allowed them to form a
joint-stock company
, or a company funded and run by a group of investors who share in the profits and losses
Named the Virginia Company
(1607) Virginia Company sent about 100 colonists to Virginia
Started a settlement near the James River (Chesapeake Bay region)
Named their settlement
after King James I
What can we learn about the Jamestown settlement from this image?
The first settlers faced five hardships in the early years of the colony...
Swamps and dirty water --> disease-carrying mosquitos --> typhus, dysentery, malaria
Despite help from the Virginia Company, the settlers battled starvation for years
"The Starving Time" - winter of 1609
The settlers were not used to manual labor and spent their time looking for gold instead of performing tasks necessary for survival
Settlers fought with one another, and the capable John Smith, who helped organize and control the settlement, left Jamestown to return to England
Relations with the Powhatan people were uneasy
John Smith
adventurous and arrogant
took control of Jamestown - forced settlers to work and farm
established a relationship with the Powhatan
After five years of struggling to survive, something happened to reverse the misfortune of the colonists...
(1612) Colonist John Rolfe began experimenting with growing tobacco
By 1614, tobacco was being shipped to England
Exporting tobacco became the basis of the colony's economy and saved it from complete failure
The popularity of tobacco led to changes in Jamestown
First, settlers began expanding out of Jamestown to have more room to grow tobacco
they built plantations along rivers so the tobacco could be transported easily
The tobacco boom also caused a need for more laborers
headright system
granted 50 acres of land to every person who paid for his voyage to Virginia
To work their new land, plantation owners imported
indentured servants
from England
in exchange for passage to North America and food and shelter upon arrival, indentured servants worked for their owners for a period of 4-7 years
In 1619 the first African s arrived in Virginia aboard a Dutch merchant ship
evidence suggests they were treated as indentured servants
it would be several decades before the English colonists used Africans for slave labor
1. How did England fund its explorations/colonization attempts?
2. Why did England want to colonize? (What was England hoping to achieve?)
3. What types of people were sent to Roanoke?
4. Briefly describe the economic theory of mercantilism.
5. How did England’s desire to sabotage the Spanish affect the success (or lack thereof) of Roanoke?
6. What do you think happened to the colonists at Roanoke?

“Lost Colony”
Reading Questions

Jamestown DBQ
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