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Henry Hudson


Ted Dwyer

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Double click anywhere & add an idea By: Ted Dwyer and Carmen Sawtelle Henry Hudson was a Brittish explorer.
He was born in 1565.
He "died" in 1611. Henry Hudson had a major illness at 15
which permanently effected his body.
Little is known about his childhood between
the time that his parents died and he started
his explorations. Henry Hudson set out on three major expeditions.
In 1607 he tried to travel from England to Japan and China
taking a route through the north pole. He was sponsored by
Muscovy Company. This expedition failed because Henry
couldn't sail through the ice. Henry went on his second
expedition in 1609. This time he was sponsored by Dutch
East India Company. He tried to sail the same route and failed
again, except this time he set coarse for North America. After
exploring the coast of North America for over a month Henry
entered New York Bay on September 12, 1609. He then returned
to England in November. In 1610 Henry set out on his last and final
journey. He was sponsored by a group of wealthy English investors.
He set on a journey to North America and went to Hudson Bay.
Their ship became stuck in the ice and Henry and his crew were stuck
on his ship named Discovery, for the winter. After winter was over they
set back to England. A short time after leaving, Henry's crew revolted
and sent him and 7 other men who were sick or loyal to Henry
adrift on a small boat with no food or water. Henry was never
heard from again. Henry Hudson is most remembered
for his discoveries of Hudson Bay
and Hudson River. He is also known
for his ability to sail through icy water
during his time period. Henry Hudson The Ship "Discovery" Henry's Exploration routes Quiz Questions:
1.What was named after Henry Hudson and
where were they located?
2.How did Henry Hudson die?
3.How many exploration voyages did Henry
go on?
4.What was the largest problem Henry ran into
on all his voyages? Works Cited

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