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How Did Christianity Spread?

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Tyler McCaleb

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of How Did Christianity Spread?

How did Christianity Spread?
Lets find out
The Rise of Christianity
The Romans, in a sense, "paved" the way for the spread of Christianity by creating roads that stretched across their empire.
Romans roads were made of gravel, clay and stone.
How could this help the spread of Christianity?
At first, Christianity was illegal in Rome along with other religions.
Early Christians would not recognize the Roman emperor as a deity.
What is a deity?
This angered many emperors and they had Christians persecuted or punished with death.
Instead of quieting the growth of Christianity, this only caused it to grow faster.
The main languages in Rome were Latin and Greek.
These languages were popular across the vast Roman empire and were spoken by many of the citizens of Rome around the Mediterranean.
How could this help the spread of Christianity?
Answer the following questions about the notes we just took


What were the three main reasons for the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire?



Which do you believe is the most important of the three to the rise of Christianity? Why?

Up until this point....
The only people who could be Christians were Jews.
Paul of Tarsus was the first to spread the idea that anyone could become a Christian.
This became popular with those in Rome who had no voice in society (slaves, women, the poor...)
What is happening in this picture?

Describe the scene.
It made the spreading of news and information quicker and more efficient.
The more people that know the language, the easier the message spreads.
Rise of Christianity
Based on the teachings of a man named Jesus from Nazareth.
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