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Iran Culture (Pre-Islamic Revolution) =)

No description

lblanck tejada

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Iran Culture (Pre-Islamic Revolution) =)

Iran Culture (Pre-Islamic Revolution) =)
Describe major phases in Iranian art
the best examples of iran, there related societies, and there people. one must first attempt to aquire understand of their culture. examples of there art is Persian art, rich heritages, pottery, painting, calligraphy and stone masoning.
Describe some major iranian movies, including there plot and directors
In 1930 the first iranian slient film was made by proffessor ( Ovanes Ohanian) called Hawii Agha. The main plot of the movie is about a traditional man who holds a hostile view of motion pictures and sent to kill the director.
Pre revolution cinema
Another Major Iranian Movie that boosted the economy of Iranian cinema was Ganje Qarun, Made in 1965 by Siamak Yasami. The movie is about a go lucky man who accidentally saves a Rich old man life.
Popular sports in iran. Who watches and who observes
Sports that are popular in Iran are Freestyle wrestling, chess, polo, bodybuilding, dart throwing and association football (soccer). they where watched often in the olympics and was observed by the national sports committee of iran.
Describe Iran cuisine. Which were popular and which were delicacies?
Iran cuisine were mostly based/ started with rice and or dough. most popular cuisine in Iran culture is turkey, Khoresht(stew served with white Iran rice) ash(a thick soup) and polo(white rice alone with additions of meat and/or vegetables and herbs).
Iran food (cont.)
Other traditional iran cuisine that where made is keteh (rice cooked until the water is absorbed completely) and Damy (similar to keteh but with added ingredients such as grain,beans etc
Iran sports (cont.)
Other Iran sports included there basketball national team, skiing, martial arts, and hiking and climbing sport
Basketball Iran vs Croatia
Iran art (cont.)
Some phases of Iranian art are more fully illustrated in books, prehistoric pottery, Elamite art of the late second millennium B.C., brief section on the Luristan bronzes.
pre historic potterry
Iran Music
The history of musical in Iran is however better than most expected. This is specially more evident in the Sassanid era. After the elitist Qajar dynasty ended in 1925, the Pahlavi dynasty funded and supported traditional Iranian music "Musiqi-e assil" and made it available to the people to enjoy for the next few decades, especially after cassettes were introduced in the 1960s.
painting of musiqi-e assil being played
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